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Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Brother + Bling = A New Sister

Once upon a time.

On September 15, 1982.

My sweet brother was born.

Born to a family full of girls.

And we thought he was the greatest thing that ever happened to our family.

So, we took his first baby picture and shared it with the world.....

Because we just knew that he was going to be something special. And he was. And he is.

And he grew up and met this beautiful lady....

Laura Wolfe.
And she is delightful, TALL, coordinated, talented, TALL, witty, smart, and just plain fabulous.
And she has the same first name and initials as my childhood idol.... Laura Ingalls Wilder.
And that means that she is something special and hopefully knows about living on the prairie.
So, we fell in love with her and hoped that she was "the one"
And then Laura took Dave on a trip to Asheville to celebrate his 27th birthday.
And it was one of the happiest moments of my life. I couldn't even imagine a better match for Dave.... or a better person to become my new sister. And I showed my happiness through gallons of tears, some tears, and maybe a little bit of tears. Because that is what I do.
And then I screamed it out my window and yelled it out at anyone who passed by my house. And then I whispered it in to a paper bag. To ensure it was kept a secret until I was given permission to share the news.

But then I just told every one that I knew any way. Because that is what a proud sister does.

CONGRATULATIONS DAVE AND LAURA!! We love you and wish you all the best!

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