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Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Baby Shower

Sept 27, 2009.

This was my very first official baby shower. And the first party thrown in my home that was not family related.

I'm moving up in the world.

And due to my obsession of making small bites of food, having themes, and planning parties.... I have to say that I have found something that I truly enjoy.

And have decided to throw more showers in my future. Which is different from taking a shower... because we all know that I find that to be a waste of my time.

This shower was in honor of Sara. One of my co-workers. And friends. She is having her second child in November - and her first girl. Isabelle Riley.

Also pictured is the famous Amy Jackson - from The Jackson Sisters. She was my co-host and worked so hard to help me put all this together. She is a pro at entertaining. (Not to mention that she has the most amazing serving plate that has been added to my Christmas wish list. It is the one in the pictures with the chicken salad sandwiches on it.... the one with the interchangeable ribbon. Beautiful!)

So, what started as a small, simple shower with co-workers ... turned in to an over abundance of food, gifts, family, friends, and love.

The spread......
Chicken salad sandwiches, tomato basil sandwiches, lemon squares, donut holes, cheese straws, spinach dip, veggies, fruit, cream cheese roll ups, strawberry shortcake punch, and pink lemonade.

The gifts...

The attendees...

Isabelle is scheduled to be born on November 20th.
Thanks to every one who made this night so special for Sara and her family!
And for those of you wondering.... Kev did make a special -but very quick- appearance to say "hello". He wore ear plugs to ensure that he did not hear anything about pregnancy, labor, birth, or post delivery recovery.
And then he ran off in to the woods to live with the squirrels.
The End.

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