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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

From Cuba To Washington D.C.

Meet the ex-Cubans.....

They used to live at Gtmo. Pronounced Git-Mo. Like "git her done". Or something else like that. I personally do not like to tell people that she lived at Gtmo. Because I think that word should be used only by military folk. Us civilians should say .... Cuba. Or Koo-ba. If you are well educated in the Spanish language.

I speak French.

Regardless, they are FINALLY moving back to The States. And this time they are NOT separated by an ocean full of sharks. They are stationed in Washington D.C. and will be living in Maryland.

And I am thrilled. I have not visited D.C. since the "belly button piercing of '98 debacle". But I will just summarize that incident with three words....

It wasn't pretty.

So, what's a girl to do when she is moving from a remote area to a city/district/political place where she may or may not be having tea with the President and making snow angels on the front lawn of the White House.

Get a hair cut....

And let me just tell you that this picture does NO justice to hew new hairstyle. NONE WHATSOEVER. But it is all that I have until she sends me new pics.

*Scroll back up to the top to look at her previous picture. Notice the long hair.*

She had over 10 inches cut off - which she generously donated to Locks of Love.

And came out of the salon a new woman. Add a couple of new outfits and some tight fitting jeans.... (from LOFT of course)... and you have a beautiful, confident, sexy, intelligent woman ready to knock the socks off of any politician.

A politician's socks come off pretty easily though..... (from what I hear)... but you get my point.


We celebrated her new look and her new home and her new job.... with a dinner. At my house.

Now I couldn't just make any old thing. This was special. Plus Holly is a vegetarian. So my usual "visiting guest meal" of beanie weenies was out.

I researched for days.

And came up with the conclusion that whatever I made had to involve FRESH parmesan cheese.

This was a splurge for me. A step up in my cooking ingredients. Up until now I had always used Kraft shredded parm... and knew no difference.

But let me just tell you, my friends, that fresh grated parm is a pleasure, is a delight, is a "worth every penny" addition to any meal. Not to mention the bicep I enlarged while shredding the stuff.

The people of my town nominated me the "queen of cheese" at the fair this year. For bringing such a delicacy to Gaston. This nomination is not to be confused with the same one from last year..... just because I must have cheese with every meal.

And so I baked Lemon Garlic Parmesan Noodles. From the Pioneer Woman. Of course.

It was light, refreshing, delicious. And tasted like sunshine. I made some lemon shrimp to go along with the left overs. A great combination.

We also had a tomato/squash bake. Hot spinach/artichoke dip. And parmesan bread.

For dessert I made.... Pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting. Also from P.W.

It was a wonderful evening. And we enjoyed her company.

And then we bid her farewell to Maryland.

Best of luck Holly and Kris on your new adventure!

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