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Friday, October 16, 2009

Lizards and Pigs

My lack of posting this past week has been due to one time consuming activity.....

Interviewing feet to take the place of the ones of mine that left town. Forever. They left a note saying it had something to do with the incredibly stupid shoes that I wear to work daily. I think the high heeled black boots did them in.

I guess it should have been a sign when all of the nail places in town locked their doors when they saw me coming. Or when Kev put on gloves, a doctor's mask, and goggles to help me remove my cowboy boots.

It is called FASHION. And it is painful. And sometimes stinky.

Anyhoo... I have decided to "flash back" and "flash forward" for the next week or so. Kind of like an episode of LOST. That means that you are going to have to pay close attention and read something several times to understand what month I am telling stories from. It takes a lot of focus, late night discussions with loved ones, and possibly themed dinner parties to acknowledge the season premiere or finale.

I love that show LOST. But it exhausts my brain to watch it. Kind of like algebra, geometry, counting cards, and 3rd grade math.

Luckily for you... this post is about present day.

That means you don't have to pay such close attention.

Do you remember Froggles? My loving, considerate, precious pet. Well, he hopped away. Literally. And he took my heart with him.

It has been rumored that he is hanging around the garage area. And that he may or may not have had babies. "He had babies" being the awkward part of the sentence. But this is Gaston. And you will only survive out here if you do NOT ask any questions.

Unfortunately, I do not venture in to the "garage area" much because that means I would have to talk about tools, yard work, and even kick a tire or two. Therefore, i will probably never see him again.

That is why I have found a new pet.....

Meet Leonard. He lives on my kitchen window sill. Specifically in one of the top window panes. He is adventurous and daring. And I'm pretty sure that he loves me more than Froggles did.

This is Leonard hanging upside down. Afraid of nothing.
And just in case you don't believe me. I took another pic from outside. Just to show you how high up he is. Trying to be as close to me as possible....

I hope he will join us for our Halloween party. I got the cutest crocodile costume for him to wear.
And then there is my constant longing for an indoor pet. One that doesn't chew up things, or poop, or eat socks, or shed hair.
I think I have finally found THE ONE....

A teacup piglet! How cute can something possibly be!! It wears me out to think about how much this sweet little piggy would love living in my house. I would feed it miniature corn on the cob - just like the ones you see in Asian stirfrys. I would read it Charlotte's Web. I would teach it to make my tea in the morning ( it is a "teacup" pig after all).
I would name it Bacon Bit.
And we would live happily ever after.....

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