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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Meet The Martins

September 9th, 2009.

A precious, beautiful baby boy was born to a family with the last name of Martin.

Nathan Elisha-Duke Martin.

But before I tell you about him.... I must tell you about his family and how they came to be.

And why on Earth they have chosen to be related to us. Or have been forced. It is a gray area.

You see... a million miles away from here. In a couple countries over. There is a little place that I like to visit called Tennessee. Ok- so maybe it is not that far away and maybe it is not a "couple countries over". But it is far. And when you have a husband whose idea of traveling is to go to work and back. It makes Tennessee seem even farther.

Tennessee is hands down my favorite state. It is so beautiful. Refreshing. Great shopping. Amazing restaurants. And the home of country music. Not to mention that my famous cowboy boots came from there. And I helped Amy Grant shop for her little girl in the Hello Kitty store I worked in. (20 years ago - yikes!)

Yes, I lived there for a short time. But it was long enough to make me fall in love with it. I've decided that when I win the lottery, I'm going to buy a vacation home there. To live in permanently. Because if you win the lottery ... you pretty much get to be on vacation forever.

And I will wear cowboy boots every day.

But enough about me.....

I have an aunt and uncle who live there. Aunt Sandi and Uncle Bud. They have lived there for as long as I can remember.

Which is not much. But thanks to all of the descriptions and dates that I put on the back of pictures over the years.... I have a pretty good idea of what went on in my past. And they have lived there a very long time.

I used to spend weeks at a time with them during the summers when I was growing up... and have been able to visit occasionally as an adult. Or large child. Another gray area.

They have two sons.... Scott and Ross.

Kev hit it off with these two guys the minute he met them. They act like old friends, brothers, and ice skating partners.

In fact, I think I may have seen Kev and Scott exchange a "Best Friends Forever" anklet once. And then pinky swear to remain friends until the end of days.

Except for the small problem that Scott does not like to travel either. So, the plan of them ever meeting again is slim.

Which means never.

The great news is that Scott has a growing family.... and that is really what I'm here to tell you about today.

You see... he met this beautiful lady... Brandy....

And she gave birth to these precious blonde headed children..... Jackson and Elizabeth.

And then we heard the news that they were expecting baby #3. In September.
And it happened..... on September 9th. Sweet Nathan was born in to this family. And I truly wish that I could post an absolutely precious picture of him on this site... because let me tell you that he is such a beautiful baby boy. But unfortunately, his online pictures are copyrighted. Which means that I could get in big trouble for posting them..... probably the same kind of trouble that I'm going to be in when Angela finds out that I stole these pictures off of her blog.
It happened accidentally. Kind of. Plus the fact that I have not seen them all year... and have no pictures for myself.
Hint Hint.... Martins!! I need family pics!
But the bottom line here is that I was lucky enough to have TWO new babies born in to my family in the same month. Just a week apart. And I am so thankful. And couldn't be happier for my cousins!!
Congratulations to the Martin family!
And just because I am already in theft trouble.... I just couldn't end this post with out posting one more absolutely adorable picture of Miss Elizabeth...

Hope to see you soon!! And meet your new addition!
We LOVE you!


  1. This post is so sweet of you and the pictures are wonderful - I never tire of seeing them. Of course, we are the lucky ones to have you in our family and be willing to call us friends, and ever have anything to do with us. We'll plan to see you and Kev soon cuz we miss you both so much. Love you lots, Aunt Sandi

  2. I knew right away that you stole the pictures off my blog. I'm happy to share my pictures with you. I agree, the Martin's...all of them...are fabulous, as are you and Kevin.