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Monday, October 26, 2009

Pictures From The Past


Some of my greatest treasures.

They capture so many incredible events, experiences, and expressions.

They make me laugh. They make me cry. They are there to remind me of times I have forgotten.

I can sit for hours and hours and look at photographs. My favorites are ones that I have no memory of. Such as me as a baby. Or ones that I am not even a part of. Like my parents growing up.

What was going on that day? What were they thinking? If they could go back and change one thing - would they?

And then a couple of weeks ago, I received an amazing gift. From my Uncle Bud. An email full of wonderful photos. Of my sweet Grandparents. My Great Grandparents. My Great Uncle. My Aunts and Uncle growing up.

Ones that I have never seen. Ones that were found when my Grandfather's house was cleaned out.

Photographs that fill my heart with more emotions that I can list.

My Grandparents on their wedding day.....

Ross and Shirley Tillman.

Serving in the Air force...

Looking like movie stars....

My Grandparents filled my life with so much happiness. They always made me feel special. They welcomed Kev with open arms.
They were such incredible people.
I truly cherish every single moment I had with them. And just wish that I had the opportunity to have more.

We love and miss you Nana and Gran!

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