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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Falling Head Over Heels

Before Fall is over... I figured I had to get on the "pumpkin" and show you my decor. Get it? I used the word "pumpkin" in place of "ball"... just to be cute.

I think it worked.

You see... for the past two years the extent of my decorating for Fall has been to put out a couple of candles and carve two pumpkins for the front porch. On Halloween.

It was an easy fix for our trick-or-treaters. And then we were able to decorate for Christmas. And by "we"... I mean "just me". Because in order to decorate for Christmas - the first weekend of November - I would have to come up with a terrible prank to get Kev out of the house.

"It is NOT normal to decorate for Christmas this early"
"Can we please just enjoy Thanksgiving?"
"Christmas trees give me night terrors"
"I want to become Jewish"

These are just a few of the statements Kev would yell from the attic he was locked in... or from the large hole that he had fallen in that had been accidentally covered with pine straw.... or from the trunk of my car.

I'm not proud of those situations. But a girl has to do what a girl has to do. To get her decorations up a month early.

So, this year I decided to focus more on some Fall decor - that would last us until Thanksgiving. And THEN we can decorate for Christmas.

Meeting your husband half way.... It is the right thing to do.

But I could NOT have the proper Fall display unless I had a hay bale.

I discovered this delightful NECESSARY decoration as I was driving to work. Everyone who is ANY ONE has a hay bale in their yard. Which means that for my 40 minute drive... I saw two. But that was enough to make me want one. And I just knew that I wouldn't be happy until a beautiful block of hay sat on my porch.

And wouldn't you know... that my incredible... extremely attentive... amazing listener of a husband... surprised me with one. And made me promise to stop talking about it so much... well, really to stop talking so much in general... but he threw in the whole "yelling out the word hay bale in your sleep is a little over the top and unnecessary".

And I had never been happier! At least for that particular day. So, after lots of hugs and thank-yous and screaming. I rushed out to complete the Fall look.

And this is what I came up with.....

I still have plenty of room to add more things each year... but this was a good start.

Some of my pumpkins are girls... as noted by their Halloween plaid bows....

And since I was in the decorating spirit... I took it inside a little.

I have never in my life seen Kev so thrilled to have his home decorated for Halloween/Thanksgiving.
It completes him. And makes him want to sip hot spiced tea in dainty tea cups while we sit around and gossip. Or at least that is what I have planned for him this weekend. And I'm sure he will enjoy it!

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