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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Magical Weekend at Disney - Day One

I'm finally back... and with LOTS to tell you.. and by LOTS I mean that there is no way I could ever tell you EVERYTHING that happened during this magical weekend.... but I will do my best to tell you the highlights. Let's be honest... If I told you EVERYTHING then you would be reading these posts for the rest of your life because we did something every single second. There is also the problem that my memory is completely failing me and I actually do not remember most of the things that happened... so what you are about to read may or may not be completely true... but that goes for every post on this blog. It's called ACTING... thank you very much....and I learned all of my skills from Saturday Night Live.

I'm going to start this story by taking you back a couple of years.....

The picture is VERY small... because I was VERY small ( yes, there was a time in my life when I was little, petite, and cute..) and not because I have no idea how to scan pics and make them an appropriate size for the blog. As you can see, I was a true Mouseketeer!... all the way down to my clunky red corrective shoes that helped me to walk more like a graceful hippo and not like a bowlegged cowgirl... which is how all the girls in my family walked until they were trained otherwise - it is the Kentucky in our blood.

I was raised on Disney and LOVED every minute of it. I remember watching the Mickey Mouse Club and hoping to some day be a part of the show. AND for the record... it was NOT the Mickey Mouse Club with Britney, Justin, and Christina... it was the original! I even performed a song for anyone who would listen... family, animals, people at the bus station, etc. It was the theme song for the show but instead of singing M-I-C-K-E-Y... I would sing K-I-M-B-E-R-L-E-Y. It was so cute that most people could barely even stand to listen...let alone look at me. I ate, drank, and slept Disney ( I don't know how you can even do that... but cool people say that when they are passionate about something.... so I thought I would give it a try to get my point across). Not only was Disney everywhere in our home... but we would visit DisneyWorld whenever we could.... so, you can only imagine our delight when my youngest sister actually got a job there! Actually we were just delighted that she got a job.... but it was even sweeter that it was at the most magical place on earth.

And that brings me to telling you all about this particular trip.... it was a trip for a first-timer, a birthday, an anniversary, a sister homecoming/reunion, a second trip for a 7 year old, and most importantly, for making memories.... now add in all of the shenanigans, jokes, sombreros, birdbaths, ice cream treats, and trolls.... and you've got yourself an incredible experience!

It all started on Friday....The drive down was pretty uneventful...except for lunch at "The Barrel" because Elijah wanted "country food". And the fact that I learned more about presidents than I ever thought I would. Elijah is so smart that he has to carry an extra backpack to store the rest of his brain that won't fit in his head. He was my traveling companion for part of the way. I never thought I would be able to have an intelligent conversation with a 7 year old about my reflux. (and yes, I've turned in to one of those "old folks" who constantly talk about their ailments when asked how they are doing.....reflux is just the beginning).

Everyone had their own plans on the first night. Holly had flown in from Cuba to be reunited with her husband Kris after 3 months. Kristen, JC, and Elijah were meeting up with JC's family for dinner. Bethany and I had a date - don't judge us - it is ok for sisters to go on dates where I am from.... except for that she brought her "old" boyfriend. He was a little too thin for my taste and had to carry a large steering wheel wherever we went. He thought he was so cool because he drives a boat. I also got annoyed that he responded to every one of my questions with "aargh". I have to give it to her though..... she can sniff out money like no other. Everyone knows that pirates have lots of gold - that and the fact that he doesn't look like he will live much longer will have her set for life!

So, our date was at the Boardwalk/Beach Club resort area. This is our (me, Bethany, AND Kev) favorite place! We stayed here for our last BIG trip. Not only do you have WALKING distance to two parks.... but you have many incredible restaurants, fantastic entertainment, and you can truly forget about the rest of the world and relax.
The Boardwalk is exactly how I've always imagined Atlantic City in the 1940's to be (because that would be something that I would have imagined a lot ??).... mimes, jugglers, carnival games, unicyclists, cotton candy... etc. I could spend hours on "the pier" and never be bored. This pic was taken from the Beach Club.... and the Boardwalk in the distance is just a skip, hop, and jump (or swim) away.
We planned to eat at our favorite place... Spoodles.... however, it is so popular that we couldn't get a reservation in advance and there was a pretty long wait. So, we tried a new place... the Big River Brewing Company. Delightful and Delicious are the two words I would use to describe this place. It was very busy as well... but we managed to get seats at the bar and dined on jalapeno spinach dip. Who ever thought of putting two of my favorite foods together is a genius! We ate and then hung out on the pier and enjoyed the entertainment. From where we were sitting, you could see the fireworks from three different parks. Amazing! I could watch fireworks all day long... the only place that comes close to having "Disney incredible" fireworks is my hometown of Gaston. You should check them out on New Year's Eve -( there is a minimal $5.00 parking fee). Besides all of the fun we were having... I'm pleased to announce that the weather was SUPERB! Those of you that know me know that is a pretty fancy word for me to say.... so hopefully you have gotten the point that the weather was perfect! Also, in case you are wondering... there was a reason for our minimal eating at dinner..... and that reason is......

BEACHES AND CREAM!! This is the best ice cream joint this side of the Mississippi! I am not joking. Me and Kev tried this place out several times when we stayed at The Beach Club a couple of years ago. It has been a tradition to go there for ice cream every time that I have come since. My favorite is the "No Way Jose" (pronounced Ho-zay). It is vanilla ice cream with peanut butter chips and syrup, cool whip, chocolate chips, and delicious stuff that I can't even remember because I ate it so fast! I usually share it with Kev or Beth..... but Bethany wanted a banana split and so we purposely ate a tiny dinner so we could eat tons of ice cream. You are allowed to break the rules when you are on vacation..... it is a Switzer fact! We had the exact same waitress that we had the last time! That either means that she works a lot.... or we go there too much.... and who really cares which explanation it is because the ice cream is so freaking good.... and by FREAKING.. I mean OUT OF THIS WORLD!
By this point we were so full.... of food and fun... that we headed back to Bethany's apartment. She lives minutes away from all of the excitement.
Here is a recap of my learnings for the day....
1. Van Buren was the first president to be born in the USA.... because the USA had not been formed yet under the previous presidents' reign. ( I hope I said that right.. Elijah)
2. You have to run water while going to the bathroom if you don't want Bethany to hear you..... she can hear EVERYTHING.
3. Don't ever go to a Walmart that is close to DisneyWorld.... it is pure insanity... I have never seen such chaos and crowds. I did get a sweet white jacket for $9.00 though.... to manage the cool breeze in the evening.
4. Me and Bethany can get the giggles like no other..... we laughed so hard that night that I'm amazed our heads didn't explode!
5. When you see a real person that looks like a Disney character ie; Gepetto... it is probably impolite to run after them and try to take their picture without them knowing. Impolite... but hilarious!
Up next..... Disney Trip - Day Two.... The Seven Dwarfs UNITE!

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