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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Name Is Kim Snyder and I'm Addicted to Cooking!

So there you have it.... I admitted it.... not out loud but in writing.... which isn't the same because I can always deny that I was the one typing this post and then I will deny that I have a love affair with my kitchen and cooking. Remember that I am an extremist - which means that slowly but surely my life is being taken over by this need to plan, create, prepare, take pictures of, and eat food. I guess cooking is better than being addicted to children's books, tea sets, clothing made of denim, tea, lanterns, polka dots, colanders, the color red, plants, and Kev. Wait a minute... I just realized that I AM addicted to all of those things as well. Why am I allowed to run amuck in the streets?

So, I have already posted about my love for cooking on the post titled "Kooking with Kim". But it has gotten worse. I think I told Kev at least three times last week that I wanted to quit my job and be a full time cook. That statement always results in Kev wrinkling up his face like a pug dog, mumbling under his breath, kicking up the dirt under his feet, and spitting on our wedding picture. He is soooo dramatic.

I was already reading cookbooks and cooking magazines like books. I mean... I can get so wrapped up in a Paula Deen magazine like it is a romance novel...."First melt a stick of butter... then pour it in a large bowl of oil... then add a stick of butter..... throw in some bacon grease for extra flavor"..... that is music to my ears - but not my heart which stops beating when I read some of the recipes. I also keep the tv on the Food Network. It has taken the place of music while I am cleaning the house. Have you ever tried dancing to the sounds of the kitchen? Me either... but I think I will try it today.

Then I came across food recipe blogs. FOOD RECIPE BLOGS! The greatest invention of ALL time ( except for the Snugli that I cannot imagine life without... how did I survive all of these years with a regular blanket?) These blogs are written by pros! And by pros... I mean that I am in awe of these women who create these INCREDIBLE dishes. Most of them lead very busy lives... but still manage to crank out a recipe every day... take amazing pictures of it... and post all the details. I can sit for hours and hours reading the recipes and tips. I'm sure that you have noticed all of the blogs I have added to my site. This isn't even half of the blogs that I follow. And let me also just tell you that I have already made some delicious meals and have lists and lists of recipes waiting for us to try.

And that brings me to "The Biggest Loser" competition. I'm sure you are all wondering how I can compete and cook at the same time. It is called.... cooking healthy! That is my one talent... if you can call it that. I may not be able (yet) to walk down an aisle at a grocery store... pick up a random ingredient (such as orange marmalade) and create an incredible dish. I may not make the most beautiful looking food ( my food always turns out disheveled looking - just like me!) or take incredible delectable pictures ( I was informed yesterday that I do NOT have the right camera for taking food pictures - who knew?) BUT with all of my years of dieting and reading about nutrition.... I can make just about ANY dish healthy! So put that in your pipe and smoke it! ( I don't really know what that means .... but my Mom said it to me the other day and I thought it was hilarious!!!)

And if I don't make something healthy.... like cookie brownies or cupcakes. Then I just won't have any. The way that I get past wanting one is I find someone that can describe to me every single taste of every single morsel ( Melissa is the best gal for the job as she can describe food like no other). Then I feel as if I had some and am satisfied. I know that is hard core... but you have to understand that me + boss = major competition. I will treat myself when the game is over.... in moderation of course. :-)

And on that note.... I have lost 9 pounds. I know what you are thinking.... big freaking deal! But that is like two sacks of potatoes. Try hanging those around your neck for a week. 9 pounds is 9 pounds that I don't have to carry around.... unless I need to buy potatoes for a recipe I am making.

If you love to cook or bake.... please check out the incredible blogs listed on my site. You will NOT be disappointed!

And just because I love adding pics to my post....and didn't really have anything relevant... I decided to show you a picture of some beautiful Spring flowers that I bought a couple of days ago. There is something about beautiful flowers that brighten up my day and make me smile. I love this time of year!

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