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Thursday, April 16, 2009

A 63rd Birthday Celebration!

Stop assuming that the birthday celebration is for me! I'm not that old.... yet.

This birthday celebration was for Glenn Snyder - Kev's Dad. And yes, his birthday was on March 29th and yes, we celebrated his birthday on that day and yes, I realize that it is now April 15th ( which made me just realize that today is Kev's sister Jenn's birthday - yikes where does the time go)and yes, I am doing a terrible job of keeping up with life. I'm going to try and make a "4 months in to the year resolution" of staying on top of things and letting you know what is going on that same day... or maybe a couple days after. Hey... I'm not perfect... oh and just to let you know... I'm usually late every where I go... unless I am getting paid or there is food involved. It is also usually not my fault as it takes Kev SOOOO long to get ready. Geez!

Anyway...where was I? Oh... it is Glenn's birthday which just happened to be on a beautiful Sunday in March. Beautiful enough that yard work was involved... which I will post about another time- (yard work is hard core, by the way). I was thrilled that the weather turned out so nice because I wanted to have a cookout for Glenn. There is nothing better than a gorgeous evening and Kev firing up the grill for some scrumptious steaks. Well, now that I think about it... there are a lot of things better... like eating cheese off of skewers, or the beach, or cowboy boots... but really it all depends on the day and what we are doing... and I just LOVE when Kev grills out! This was the menu that was planned for the party.....

Steak - grilled
Vegetable skewers - grilled
Twice Baked potatoes - Paula Deen - the most delightful side with a steak
Broccoli Casserole - Paula Deen
Garlic Cheese Biscuits - recipe from Red Lobster
Pina Coladas - Kev's specialty
and Chocolate Cake

I may have forgotten something ... not because I waited TWO weeks to write about this evening... but because I climbed inside the potatoes for a nap. They are just that good.

Now let me give you a little background on Glenn. He is a writer for Spurs and Feathers - the ultimate Gamecock newspaper. He LOVES to travel, eat at restaurants, watch sports, collect cats ( real ones!), and did I mention travel. I have to say it twice because he does so much of it. He especially loves bed and breakfasts - which me and Kev think are kind of creepy. If you are ever in need of some extra cash... just hang a sign on your front door that says "Bed and Breakfast" and he will be there for the night... or three. It doesn't matter where it is located... it is the idea of staying in one.

I met Glenn 17 years ago! 17! That seems so crazy... but I have been a part of this family for a very long time. I remember the first time that I met him. Glenn and Mary invited me over for dinner. I was soooo nervous. I went out and bought a new outfit... from Fashion Bug ( that is so embarrassing to say) and I'm sure that it involved leggings and a long shirt. Basically a sausage casing. That was the dinner that contained the SWEET POTATOES that I had never eaten. When I went back for seconds... Glenn said that he was so glad that I was a good eater.... what he didn't realize was that I was and am a GREAT eater hence the fact that I have been banned from wearing leggings to any event. There have been so many great memories since.... and I know many more to come!

Here is a picture of Glenn and Mary at the birthday dinner.....

And now for the cake...... This is a simple yet DELICIOUS cake that my very talented cousin, Carrie, came up with. She made it for us once at a Mother's Day brunch. I literally fell in love with it. I had kind of forgotten about it until Angela posted a picture of it on her blog. Carrie had made it for her birthday. Carrie's looks much better than mine.... but I tried to recreate the best I could.......

It is a milk chocolate cake with icing made of cool whip and Hershey's syrup. It tastes so light and fluffy that you will probably pass out and require mouth to mouth from The Rock. Well, at least I did.... except for The Rock was too busy to come by so I had to settle for Kev. But I shouldn't even say "settle".... because Kev is the greatest.

Glenn, we hope you had a wonderful 63rd birthday.... Best Wishes! We love you!

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