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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


And by HOME I mean The States. And YES my title is in all CAPS because I am "scream laughing" at the top of my lungs because my wonderful brother is home safely from his FOURTH tour of Iraq. That's right... FOURTH! Enough already! And if you don't know what "scream laughing" is then I will be glad to demonstrate if you are at my house right now... because I just heard the news.

You probably don't know much about my brother yet... because he hasn't had a birthday for me to post about and he hasn't been around for about a year for me to get a picture of. But just know that he is the most incredible brother a girl could ever ask for - INCREDIBLE! Every time that I see him ... I look at him through stars in my eyes. Don't freak out... not the sames stars I look through to see Kev. I mean ... I know we are from Alabama and all.. but still. My stars for Dave are for pure admiration and pride. We are SO proud of him! He is so generous, laid back, caring, hilarious.... the list goes on and on. I just can't seem to think right now... because I am so happy!

Here is the one recent pic that I have of him. He is the Marine on the right. And don't adjust your screens.... he is in the middle of a horrendous sand storm. Every thing was red. He said it was the worst he had ever been in.

Hopefully the only sand he will ever have to experience again will be at the beach.

We love you Dave! WELCOME HOME!

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  1. YYYYYYAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY! This is wonderful news. Praise God!