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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Disney - Day Two - The Seven Dwarfs Unite!

OK... I want you to close your eyes... well, don't close your eyes or you will not be able to read... maybe just squint them and think about what truly makes you happy, gives you the shiggles, makes your eyes light up, makes you feel warm and cozy inside. It could be two black Labrador puppies with black and white checked bows around their necks, a new plant, a block of cheese, a venti caramel frappacino, a sweet kiss and surprise from Kev..... you can pick any of those except for the kiss from Kev.... or I guess you can think of one on your own but it probably won't be as good.... Anyway, my point is that walking down Main Street in the Magic Kingdom is one of those things that makes me insane with happiness. It washes all my troubles away and lets me be a kid again. Now I LOVE every aspect of DisneyWorld but entering the Magic Kingdom lets me know that I am truly there. And that is just what we did on Saturday morning.

This was JC's first time! It makes the trip even more fun if you have a first -timer because you get to re-experience everything through them. A first-timer, a 7 year old, and someone who hasn't been in a while and doesn't remember everything = A trip of delight! I have done a ton of research on Disney ... the best places to eat, best times to go, best places to stay, best bathroom sinks to take mid-day sponge baths in, etc. I consider myself very well versed on how to have an incredible time.... and then Bethany started working there. She is FULL of information... so much so that she mumbles info while she is sleeping and eating (which is gross because food falls out of her mouth). It has been awesome getting to find out so much more info.... I have been able to experience SO many new things and she ensures an incredible magical experience!

We entered the park through a special "castmember" entrance... and then the fun began! There were seven of us on this trip..... like the seven dwarfs... which is what we named ourselves. Hopefully you are all familiar with the story Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs... if you are not then you didn't have a childhood. :-) I live my life by the teachings of Disney movies. I could give you examples but you would be here all day reading this post and we both know you probably have better things to do. So, only five of us "united" that morning....because the other two, Holly and Kris, were meeting us for lunch.

We took our traditional family picture in front of Cinderella Castle.....Bethany has actually been in the top of the castle... in the Cinderella suite. One lucky family is randomly chosen daily to spend the night in there. Can you even imagine!

I'm sure you know which dwarf I was named after before I even have to tell you..... Grumpy.. because that is what I usually am... grumpy and crazy... too bad there is not a crazy dwarf. Anyway, in the pic from left to right is Happy (Bethany), Grumpy (me), Bashful (JC), Doc (Elijah) and Sleepy (Kristen).

Then JC told us that he really wanted to ride the Grand Prix Speedway. Secretly I cringed... because if you have ever ridden on this ride then you know how lame it is. I mean it is fun ONCE when you are THREE and you think you are really driving.... but after that it is too long of a wait and not worth it. I will probably not say that about any other ride.... so that proves that I mean it about this one. I even texted Kev to tell him that I was worried JC would be so disappointed when he got off the ride that he wouldn't want to do anything else. But I smiled and told them that Bethany and I would wait for them.

Here is a pic showing their excitement BEFORE they have started driving....

I can't even show you a pic of them when they got off because it is vile. I basically ran IN PLACE beside them and went faster than they did. Needless to say, they were embarrassed and wanted to know why we didn't tell them not to ride it. But no worries... because there is no other ride to warn about... everything else is great.... and them riding this one was fun for me because I got a good laugh.

After a morning of laughter and shenanigans and downright good ole fashioned fun... we met for lunch at The Plaza. This was my first time to eat here and it was suggested by Bethany. What a delicious place and a definite must-do again. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of Sneezy (Kris) and Dopey (Holly) who met us here. We took SO many pictures but still missed out on taking SO many more. We did get a picture of Elijah's new found lady friends....

These ladies were hilarious... like "on the spot" hilarious and definitely put on a good show. They are my new role models and what I want to be when I grow up... that, Paula Deen, and a lottery winner.

We celebrated JC and Kristen's one year anniversary at lunch......

And then walked back over to the castle to get a "sister" pic. Notice my $9.00 white Walmart jacket. According to everyone in the picture... it was NOT chilly so I must be wearing the jacket to either show it off or because I'm obsessed with covering my body from head to toe. Wait until you see me in my blue jean overall swimsuit. Holly is the third from the left.... She is the one that lives in Cuba, celebrates her birthday in March, and smuggles Cuban cigars in her unmentionables.

My family + 3-D glasses = thug life!

We went to space, met Captain Jack Sparrow, experienced a Country Bear Jamboree, took a wild train ride, flew over London, and got spooked in a haunted mansion. There is truly no other place that you could experience all of these things in one day! We saved the best for last.... my favorite... Splash Mountain....

Yes, that is me having the time of my life in the front! We got soaked.... and there is nothing like getting wet with amusement park water that has touched just about every sweaty person there that day. Even better.... we did it again!

We finished the day by watching the most incredible fireworks ever... and then my favorite parade - Spectromagic. I showed Bethany where the best seats in the house were... right up front and you can see everything. Kev discovered it years ago. We were literally face to face with Prince Charming! It was the best parade that I've seen since me and Kev got on our bikes and rode up and down our street tossing banana nut muffins to the neighbors.

Things I learned from our incredible day:

1. Do not ever ride the Grand Prix Speedway.... I am telling you all now so you will not undergo the extreme embarrassment.

2. Ensure your popcorn container lid is on tightly when riding on Space Mountain. The people riding behind you will appreciate it.

3. Get a picture of Kris every chance you get... He did not end up in ANY pictures - even the ones taken on rides he is ducking.

4. Keep your hands INSIDE the ride at all times! We heard that on about 5 rides because JC has the "jimmy" hands.

5. I do NOT enjoy dancing in the streets in front of hundreds of people. I am a manager and have a reputation to uphold.

6. You do not have to take a shower at the end of the day if you are too tired.

UP NEXT..... Day Three - Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and A Party in my Mouth....

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  1. Oh, how I wish I can go to Disney soon. It will be a while, I'm sure. I love hearing about your trip. It looks like everyone had a great time. Happy Birthday Holly and Happy Anniversary Kristen.