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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Biggest Loser... Finally!

I'm sure you are all dying to know which person in my life I have dubbed "The Biggest Loser"... but I am actually hoping that the title will go to me. Not because I wear swimsuit bottoms when I am out of clean underwear, or because I wear cowboy boots with my pajamas ( that is only because I can't ever get them off without Kev's help and sometimes he is busy brushing his teeth when I am putting on my pjs), or because I am obsessed with denim and have some form of it on at all times.... I'm hoping to get this title because I will lose the most weight and be fit and trim and running in races again.

If you are a family member reading this... stop rolling your eyes. I realize that one of my hobbies in life has become losing/gaining/losing/gaining. That is how I keep myself interesting... you never know what you are going to get with me. Will I eat the brownie ... or not? Will I wear a swimsuit or a jumpsuit? Will I exercise or watch tv?

I'm an extremist... I admit it! I do NOTHING in moderation.... eating, shopping, dancing, making balloon animals, or planting trees... oh wait.. that is Kev who is an extremist in planting trees.. not me. Anyway, I either eat absolutely healthy and work out religiously OR I eat like Paula Deen and write a blog.

Two years ago, I was running in a half marathon.... now I am running (more like rolling) to the fridge to get some cheese. It really all depends on what is going on in my life.... but I'm ready to get my life back - a very dramatic way of saying that I'm ready to get back in to shape.

One of my greatest accomplishments and highlights of my life was running/walking in the Disney half maration in January 2006... and that date freaks me out because I just realized that it has been over three years... and not two. Geez... time sure does fly when you are having fun eating whatever you want. Someone told me recently to stop focusing on what I DID a couple of years ago....but what I can DO a couple of years from now. It really hit home with me for some reason and even though I could NEVER give this person the satisfaction of telling him that to his face -it really made me stop and think. I can run again in the marathon and be in even better shape... and maybe even get someone (Bethany) to do it with me this time.

There is nothing... I mean NOTHING like running down one of my favorite streets (Main Street) in one of my favorite places (Magic Kingdom) and having Kev shouting "Go Kim!" and cheering as I run past OR running out of Cinderella Castle and seeing your Mom, Dad, husband and sister all with cameras up to their faces waiting for the perfect shot..... that they didn't get because I was running too fast. :-)... but knowing that they got up at the crack of dawn to get front row seats in the Magic Kingdom to wait for hours until I ran by... OR to make it to your 12th mile and have your husband run along beside you with the biggest smile on his face ( which is hard for him to do because he has such little facial features) and then to run right past your family who is yelling your name and cheering you on. I'm telling you that there is nothing like it.... a priceless memory that I will never forget! I WILL do it again.... I WILL!.... except for the next time I do it... I will NOT wear a faux leather fanny pack or more clothes than any one else around me....

This is me running out of the castle..... snapping.. yes, snapping my fingers at my family to get their attention. Did I mention that there were tens of thousands of people there.... and I thought they would hear me snap. And could I please put some more clothes on... I think I see my wrist. Did I mention that I was running in Orlando. It took weeks for Kev to peel those clothes off of me. WEEKS!

Anyway.... so my boss challenged me to a Biggest Loser competition. I can be very competitive with some people..... like my boss. So it is ON... like Donkey Kong (and I can't believe I just said that... that statement alone should make me the biggest loser). Lucky for you, I will be posting my progress on this blog.... and will keep posting about it until I run through the 1/2 marathon finish line again in to the arms of my wonderful husband and family......

Stay tuned....

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