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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Only 67 Trees

This is a TRUE story - a true story about a man who plants trees for fun.... 67 times of fun.

It all started when we received a poinsettia for Christmas. That's right... a poinsettia is the culprit of the Snyder indoor/outdoor plant nursery. I'm sure you remember the story and how we added many plants to our family.... and are still adding. Kev has done an amazing job and is so talented at this nurturing/growing/and planting hobby he has started. I call it a hobby... but it is really a job. Do you realize how much time goes in to keeping a yard looking nice? I don't- because I do NOT have the patience or talent for it. The best I can seem to do is to pick up pinecones which usually results in me complaining about getting a splinter or hurting my back. Sometimes I am so embarrassed over my non - nurturing/growing/and planting skills that I hide in the attic and listen to "self-help" tapes.

I question daily why this yard work thing is not in my genes. My Dad has ALWAYS had a garden. I used to help him with it - well, I say help but he probably says nuisance ( I talk A LOT and never really seem to get much accomplished). My Mom grew babies... it seems like every day. I helped her with that... not the growing part but the helping to take care of part. So where did I lose the talent of patience, nurturing, and growing? I think it was somewhere between my concussion from falling off a bike to my working in retail. Regardless, I am amazed EVERY day as to what Kev can do.

It started with our tree fence being planted across the front of the yard and down the sides...

I hope you know the special handshake to get through this protective fence. If you DO know it... then please tell me. I am worried that this fence is meant to keep me out... and based on my height, I can barely see over them.

Then we started our protective growing of the peach tree. Look at how gorgeous the blooms are getting....

Now on to my outside favorites......

Kev calls them "weeds". I do not think that is a very cute name. I think these "buttercups" look so pretty across the back yard. I even laid down in the grass on my stomach to take this pic. Dirt does not bother me..... but showers do and that is a story for another time.

And then there is the Tree of Life..... almost identical to the one at the Animal Kingdom! Kev found it in our backyard - which stretches behind the fence. I can't wait for him to start his animal carvings....

All of his hard work has added so much personality to our home. I really get so much joy in seeing our plants thrive.... and seeing Kevin thrive with his accomplishments. If you happen to run in to him, though... please tell him to take a day off for some rest! He seriously works his job or on this house 24/7. That being said... if you need him to help YOU out with some yard work - just let me know. I will work out a payment plan and schedule.

Up next..... Easter and The Biggest Loser!

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