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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Earth Day - A Year Long Celebration!

Ok- I know that I promised you that the next post would be about "The Biggest Loser" and I also promised you that I would keep up with our lives so you would not have to play "catch up" every week. Well, I am known to break promises... but you probably already knew that about me.
It has been another insanely crazy week. I have been working all the time... and when I am not at work, I am working on stuff at home for work. By the way, the word of the day is WORK. So, everytime that I say "work" everything in my house goes crazy! (just like in Pee Wee Herman's Playhouse and if you don't know what that means... don't ask)... WORK!
Bottom line is that I am struggling to catch up with life right now - even watching some of my recorded shows on fast forward so I can get the basic idea of what happened but not have to spend the time to watch.
I've been exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed and probably pretty cranky ( I say probably because I am rarely ever cranky- ha!)- and then it hit me last night. It was around 9pm and I finally got the chance to just chill out. Kev had suggested grilling chicken and was outside at the grill. I went outside and sat on the lounge chair beside him. It was such a beautiful night. And I realized that this is why I work so much... to be able to enjoy incredible moments like these which I would not trade for anything ( except for Starbucks caramel machiatto icecream which I just discovered at Publix) - seriously, though... I have an incredible husband, an awesome new lounge chair that he surprised me with, and an out of this world piece of chicken that he grilled just for me! The chicken was so good that I gave him a high-five! And not just any ole high-five.... a manly one! I realized that I am VERY thankful for everything that I have and VERY thankful for my job which has helped me to get everything that I have... and when everything calms down at work then I will be EXTREMELY thankful for the vacations that I will be taking this summer.

Anyway, enough about that and on to Earth Day. As I'm sure you all know - Earth Day was last Wednesday. We did not do anything special to celebrate on Wednesday... because we have been celebrating every single day for the last month or so. It is not uncommon to be visited by the "Tree Fairy" during the night.... in fact last Sunday morning on my way to work, I took a pic of what had been delivered the night before...

And this wasn't even all of them... I couldn't fit every tree in to the picture. Kev is now creating a tropical oasis for me... so when I sit outside I can just look at my glorious trees and relax.

Things I know about these trees:

1. Kev has planted so many that he has started getting their names confused. It makes it difficult for me to understand which one he is talking about.

2. It takes a minimum of 1 1/2 hours to walk the yard and water each newly planted a tree!! Do you know the many things you could do in 1 1/2 hours? Sleep, eat, sleep, watch 5 shows on fast-forward, make and eat cupcakes, and sleep!

3. Kev is planting a new tree as we speak. He has officially been named the "Tree Whisperer" by the Mayor of Gaston - who is very similar to the Mayor of Munchkinland.

4. It is good for everyone for Kev to plant trees! Especially the people who might want to take a glimpse in to our back yard this summer while I am swimming. You never know what you are going to see!

Things I DO NOT know about trees:

1. How many we have. I was keeping count.... but I am out of fingers, toes, and whiskers.. so, I can only estimate. I think we have one trillion but could be off by a couple.

Well, that about wraps up this post that was supposed to be about Earth Day..... but ended up being about crankiness, thankfulness, an awesome piece of grilled chicken, and what I do and do not know about trees. And yes..... my mind is about as jumbled as this post.

Up next... The Biggest Loser!

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