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Saturday, January 21, 2012


It is such a great feeling!

This weekend off has been very successful so far - successful in crossing "to-dos" off my list.

The day started off with a thunderstorm.  And the need for me to put my boots on to run out to the postal carrier to retrieve a package....

 I have never met her before - and she is probably hoping that she will never have to meet me again.

PJ bottoms, cowboy boots, a giant sweatshirt, ball cap, and smudged mascara.

It's called "working from home" fashion and I'm not ashamed of it.

In fact, I stayed in the outfit - including boots!- until 8PM this evening.

My boots help me to focus.

I begin my chores in the kitchen.  It was so nice to have time to focus on preparing meals for the week.

I got an easy and awesome ( according to Kev) recipe out of the latest Real Simple magazine.  I tried to find a link to it - but couldn't.  You will just have to go out and buy it.  I broke down and got a subscription because I love the magazine so much.  Organizing, Decorating, Fashion, and most of all... the recipes.  They are usually pretty simple and healthy - or can be made healthy. 

And so far they have all been winners.

Crock Pot Pork BBQ was on the agenda today.
 I chopped the onions, threw in the other ingredients and covered the meat. 

Crock pots are pretty awesome!

Then I made some broccoli slaw to go with it.  I used Greek yogurt instead of sour cream to make it acceptable for my cleanse.
Next I made the BEST black bean burgers EVER...  By Emily at The Daily Garnish.
 I've written about them before - they are seriously so good and easy!  A food processor is all you need... and voila! you will have six meals worth.

Thank goodness I don't get sick of eating the same thing over and over and over!

I also made a Detox Salad from Oh She Glows.  But haven't taken a picture of it yet.  It will also be eaten for multiple meals.

After cleaning the kitchen, I did three loads of laundry, cleaned my closet, and FINALLY finished unpacking every last box in the attic!!

The attic is still not complete - but it is SO much better.  At least we know what all we have and where it is.

Our upstairs inventory is pretty interesting, random, crazy, and weird.  Which I guess pretty much describes the two of us.  :)

Then it was finally time to eat!  The house smelled so good all day.
 Kev's sandwich.  BBQ + marinated onions + pickles.
 My black bean burger on an Ezekiel bun with broccoli slaw...
 + spinach + romaine + tomatoes + mustard.
It was incredible!! The best meal I've had all week!

Speaking of my meals... I realized that some of you might not know about or remember my cleanse last year.  So, I feel it necessary to tell you what I am not eating in addition to taking the supplements.

Which will explain why I am not eating the same meals as Kev.

I have cut out:
-dairy ( with the exception of one cup of plain Green yogurt a day)
-processed foods
-refined sugar
I have also decided to cut out meat this time around.  The cleanse definitely suggests cutting out red meat and eating organic chicken - but I'm attempting to go meat free this month.

I've just completed one week and so far so good....  even though I have had some major cravings ( pizza!!) .  It usually takes my body a week to adjust and then it becomes a routine.

And now it is time to check some shows off of my DVR list.  I feel like it is never ending.

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