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Thursday, January 19, 2012


We are in the midst of "The Great Decluttering of 2012".

And if you are in to that kind of thing... then it is just as fun as it sounds.

I actually love cleaning things out and reorganizing and throwing things away.

Which means our house is in a little bit of disarray right now.

I've never been a good one for focusing on only one task until it is complete.  It is the multi-tasker in me.  Five projects at once... now, that's more like it.

Our main project is the attic... which I've told you about.  It seems that we never finished unpacking when we moved in - and are having a delightful time rediscovering some treasures.

Then there is the kitchen.  The guest bedroom.  The closet.  And me.

Surprisingly, I'm the easiest project.  Because of my trusty cleanse.

Welcome home, Cleanse Smart.  It is so good to see you again!

I'm sure you remember that I did this same cleanse last year and achieved great results.  I truly felt amazing and was able to get back on track with healthy eating/living.

I figured why not do it again.  And start the year of right.

It seemed easier than finishing my resolutions.

Which, by the way, I've decided to give myself until January 31st.  If February 1st starts the new year of retail... then it is probably best for me to be on the same schedule as well.

I am giving myself 30 days to finish the house projects because that is the length of time for the cleanse.  Then I will begin anxiously awaiting the Spring weather and all of the hot sunshine that comes with it!

Remind me that I said that in the middle of summer when all I can think about is scarves and boots and fireplace fires....and cold weather.

And now I'm off to clean out my car.  We are trading vehicles tomorrow so I can take a ton of stuff to Good Will and the dump.

Kev + dirty cars do not mix!

We hope you have a great weekend!

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