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Friday, January 20, 2012

Loving and Not Loving

Things I am LOVING right now.....

1.  Grapefruit!

I had not had grapefruit in sooo long.  At least until the day after Christmas.  I bought ONE to share with Kev as a side to our breakfast casserole.  I wanted to recreate our tradition as best as I could since we were not eating at my parent's for Christmas breakfast. 

Growing up, we would eat the grapefruit "old school" style.  Meaning in bowl form.  My Dad would cut around each little section so we would easily be able to scoop it out.  But due to the fact that my Dad was not at our house that morning and my inability to prepare a grapefruit without butchering it, I decided to cut it in to wedges.

Thus began my new obsession.  ( I just got home with 10lbs. worth!)

I have since had one to eat every day.  It is the perfect accompaniment to salty eggs and toast.  And I do not remember grapefruits EVER tasting as good and juicy as they do right now.  I used to eat them because it made me feel like a grown up and it was fun.

Now I eat them because they are scrumptious!

2.  Cleansing my attic!!!

This was my SECOND truck full ( the inside of the truck is packed, too!) of the day.  ALL TRASH!! Can you believe it?  ( And yes, I tied down the tarp by myself - Holla!)

And I have another truck full to go to Good Will tomorrow. 

My attic is thanking me right now.

My sore, grimy body is not.

3.  Coconut Water.

My favorite sparkling water - La Croix - has come out with a coconut version!  Every sip makes me think of a beach vacation - especially because it tastes amazing in a Skinny Girl Pina Colada ( in place of the coconut milk).

I had heard rumors on line that it had  been seen in stores.  I searched and searched and told every one that I knew.

Chelsea actually found me a case and gave it to me for Christmas.  I have yet to see it in stores even though I look every single time that I go.

Chelsea must be magic.

Things that I am NOT LOVING right now....

1.  My beloved Cinnamon Hill is closing for business.  Even though the beautiful home has changed owners multiple times - these owners were my favorite.  I am so sad for them.  And sad that my Mom and I won't have a special place to eat lunch.

I guess we will just have to see what the future holds...

2.  My newly discovered cold natured body!! I have always been hot natured.  ALWAYS.  Never wearing coats.  Sweating in the snow. Sleeping without blankets ( except for one on my head).  And now I am just chilled to the bone every second.  Does this have something to do with age?? Do you become cold natured to make you more grateful for the hot flashes?

I think of my siblings and their families that are living in the coldest of cold places on Earth... and I know that I could never handle it.

Meat seems to be the only thing that gives me the sweats these days.  And meat is one of the things that I am doing without for my cleanse.

Thank goodness Kev doesn't mind me sleeping in a burrito consisting of a winter coat, socks, gloves, and a doubled up down comforter.... with the heat in my mattress on full blast.

3.   Hmmm.  Well, I can't think of a third one.  Except for maybe my lack of working out... but that will all be remedied next week.  Because it just has to be!  Other than that, I'm loving just about everything right now.

Life is good.

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  1. I am sad about Cinnamon Hill closing also. After all, you were the one that discovered it and invited Nana and me for a Mother's Day luncheon years ago. It has held a special place in the hearts of the Switzer girls ever since. I only hope that they find a buyer and keep it open so that we can continue our lady luncheons! Love, mom