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Friday, July 1, 2011

A Yogurt Celebration

Actually, I took this picture a week ago.

And actually, I have been eating this snack for the past couple of weeks.

But when I went to blog about it this morning, I realized how fitting it was to be telling you all about my patriotic yogurt since it is the 1st of July and all.

Which is three days away from the FOURTH.

I have officially decided to call this snack "Star Spangled Yogurt".

And I seriously wish that I could eat it every single day for the next one hundred years.

It is the best.

But unfortunately, berries aren't always in season.  Meaning that berries can be VERY expensive.  And the frozen kind in yogurt just aren't the same.

So, I will enjoy my berry delight as much as I possibly can before I have to switch the berries out for pumpkin or squash or something that is "in season" for the Fall.

And just in case you were wondering.... the yogurt is non-fat PLAIN Greek yogurt.  I don't even miss the flavored yogurts anymore.  Especially when you can add in whatever flavors you want.

I hope today kicks off a wonderful weekend celebration for everyone!!  ( I have to work a little bit of it... but that won't stop me from enjoying family and friends and FOOD!!)

Happy Fourth of July weekend!!

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