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Monday, July 4, 2011

Corn Roasted Salad Love

I am sitting outside.  Enjoying the GORGEOUS weather.  And wondering how an event that you have planned for... for months... can be over in a blink of an eye with nothing to show for it.

Except for great memories.  And some pretty good pictures.

Yesterday flew by so fast.  One minute we were waiting for family to show up and the next minute we were doing loads of laundry and washing dishes.

Back to the real world.

Starting tomorrow.

Because today ended up  being the PERFECT recuperation day for our lives.  A day I was originally scheduled to work.  Today ended up being the first time that Kev and I have had off together since probably last summer ( ok.. that's a little dramatic) and the first time that there is nothing scheduled.  Not even the gym.

We even considered changing our 4th of July party when I found out last minute that I had the day off.  But then decided it would be a great time to just get ourselves rested and ready for the summer.

It is July 4th after all. 

I can't "not have a tan" much longer.

Funny thing though is that Kev is sleeping.  He got up early, did some housekeeping chores, ate lunch with me, and then went to bed.

No worries, though.  It gives me plenty of time to run around like a banshee and make messes wherever I feel like it.

Done and done.

But before I tell you about the party.  Or get in the pool.  Or unload the dishwasher (not going to happen today).... I feel the need to tell you all about this corn dip.

From the Pioneer Woman.  Of course.

 It is in her cookbook.  My most prized piece of literature.  And I have been talking about how much I wanted to make it for A YEAR. 

A whole year.  Talking non-stop.

I'm sure it has been annoying.

The part that has been holding me back is the grilling of the vegetables.  I'm still too scared to use the grill alone.  And whenever Kev is grilling, we already have a million other things that we are making so it doesn't really make sense.

This time, though.. I made a point to have Kev grill the vegetables the night before.  ( Actually, I say that I made a point... but it was more like Kev offered to do it to shut me up)

He grilled fresh corn, red onions, red peppers, and yellow squash.  I chopped and diced the finished product... and added tomatoes and jalapeno.
 The dressing is balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  Perfection.

And then ... just for kicks... I added in some fresh basil straight from my garden ( Oh how I have always wanted to say that!)

It is a refreshing vegetable salsa.  Perfect for chips.  Perfect for chicken.  Perfect for fish.  Perfect for anything.  I just absolutely LOVE the taste that the sweet fresh corn adds to the dish... in addition to the grilled flavor of the veggies.

And now when my healthy eating starts back tomorrow... I will have a healthy dish that I can pack for work.  I'm always thinking ahead.  It is the only way I can stay on track. 

I hope you are all enjoying a fabulous day... hopefully you all have the day off of work.  Hopefully you are all having as much fun as I did yesterday... if that is even possible!  :)

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!!

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