The Excellent Adventures of Kim and Kev

Saturday, July 16, 2011

A List

A list of new things.  New things that are happening in the Snyder household.

It is pretty amazing.

At least if you are us.  Which you are not.  So, you might be bored with this list.

1.  Mason jars full of coffee. 

I got this idea from a blog.  To brew your coffee the night before and store it in the fridge in a mason jar.  Or anther container that is not as cool or classic. 

It makes all the difference in the world.  To not have to wake up and make your drink of choice is awesome.  I can just go to the fridge... pour the amount that I want.... and immediately reap the rewards of a caffeinated beverage.

It also lasts a couple of days.  I may be addicted to caffeiene... but I at least know how to limit myself.

Oh.  And putting it in a jar... with a LID.... also works well.  Especially, in a family where there is someone who angrily thrusts his food around and unknowingly spills whatever tea/coffee that you have in the back brewing with no lid on.

Not that that happened in our fridge. 

Except for that it did.  And it was a HUGE mess.  

2.  Watermelon.

It has seriously become my new favorite food of all time.  I CANNOT get enough of it.  Especially if it is cold! 

I have found myself hoping and praying that no one wants watermelon when they come over (not very often) because I want it all to myself.

And that is pretty much what happens. 

Kev cuts up a watermelon.  Puts in a large bowl.  I eat every single piece except for the couple of cubes that he ate while cutting..... and then every one is happy.

At least, I am. 

What I miss about it.... the SEEDS!!!  I cannot tell you the last time that I have had a watermelon with black seeds in it.  It has been years.

The seeds were great for spitting.  And for growing more watermelon ( my Dad would let us plant them in his garden... FYI-nothing ever grew).  And for "acting" as people on a large cruise ship when I would take the hollowed out watermelon rind in the bathtub with me to recreate The Love Boat.

The seeds ended up doing a lot of kissing. 

It was awkward to be in the bathtub with them.

Side note: Kev is chopping a watermelon as we speak!! It is my second watermelon this week.  I need help!

3.  Mesh food cover thingies.

I bought these at World Market last year at the end of the season.  And then forgot about them.

Kev pulled them out for our Fourth of July party. 

The rest is history.  Especially since the flies will NOT go away!!

I have been using them inside the house.  I basically cook dinner.  Or lunch.  Or breakfast.  And then cover it with the mesh tent.

It keeps the food secure and me happy.  What more could you want in an object?

Except for Kev claims that the flies sit on top of the mesh tent and spit down in to his food.

I have yet to see this, of course.  But I guess it could happen.

Flies are EVIL!!

4.  WHOLE FOODS!!!!!  It has been brought to my attention and just about every one else in Columbia that Whole Foods is going to be opening next Fall in the area that I work in.

I have pinched myself.  Passed out.  Thrown up.  And pinched myself again.

( I didn't really throw up.... or any thing else that I said for that matter.... but I need for you to know that I am taking this seriously!)

Do you realize what this means for Columbia??  GOOD THINGS!!! Good things INDEED!!

Trader Joe's usually follows Whole Foods.  And my happiness usually follows Trader Joe's.

So be prepared for me to be ridiculously happy!!

Even though I already am!!

5.  I am sitting outside at the moment.  Kev is about to start grilling salmon.  On a cedar plank.  In three different flavors.... salt and pepper.  Maple glazed.  Asian flavored.

It doesn't get any better than this, folks.  It just doesn't.

I love summer.  I love grilled food.  I love lists.  I love Kev.

Hope you are all having a great weekend!


  1. We also have 3 generations of flies living in out house. Let me know if y'all get rid of them and how!! :(

  2. I forgot to write my name! Ha! Rebecca a. :)