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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dark Chocolate Dreams

 This morning got a little stupid.

And by stupid, I mean crazy.

And by crazy, I mean that I made the perfect breakfast, dessert, snack, lunch, and dinner all in the same dish.

Dark chocolate chip banana bread.

My new favorite thing on the planet.
I found the recipe in the latest issue of Clean Eating.  It is basically a banana bread recipe made with the healthiest ingredients you can possibly use.

Raw honey, flaxseed oil, ground flaxseed, bananas..... and the best part of all.... dark chocolate chips.

I earmarked it for this morning.  And I "earmarked" three bananas for the recipe.  Kev is so good about eating up older looking fruit - so, if I need it for something I have to make it very clear.  Which basically means that I told him to NOT eat the bananas.  They were MINE!

To which, he just said "ok" and went on about his business.  He has gotten used to my spastic food hoarding behavior and  barely questions anything anymore.

I've decided that if I ever need to hide anything from him... I will just hide it in the kitchen inside some food.

And then knowing me... I will promptly forget about it until the end of time.

My memory blows these days.

Anyway, I literally dreamed about this stuff.  And couldn't wait to get up and make it.

It was very easy.  Basically mixing the dry.... mixing the wet... and then mixing it all together.

The chips were added in last..
I never knew I was such a fan of dark chocolate chips.... but for goodness sake they are so good.  And since they are considered a healthy chocolate ( in moderation), it makes them taste even better.

The bread was finished baking in 40 minutes.
I let it sit for as long as I could ( two minutes) and then cut a slice.  It was still warm.  And the chocolate was all melty.  And it was absolute perfection.

I can't even believe that this stuff is as healthy as it is.  It would make the perfect breakfast.  Or a pre-workout snack. 

Or even a dessert.  I'm telling you now that if you were invited to a party and were asked to bring dessert.... no one would EVER know that this stuff was organic, clean and filled with nutrition.  EVER!  It is just that good.

I ran to the garage with a bite on a fork for Kev.  I fed it to him while he was working.  He ran around in circles for hours.  And then came inside and ate a whole piece.

And to think that I was THIS CLOSE to buying some ice cream for him at the grocery store yesterday. 

I have a feeling I should keep always keep the ingredients on hand.... it is going to be requested a lot!

In other news...

Dinner last night was FAN-tabulous!
The maple glazed salmon was our favorite!! It was a mixture of pure maple syrup, brown sugar, hot sauce, spicy mustard, olive oil, vinegar, and salt and pepper.

Kev actually "smoked" it on a cedar plank for about 25 minutes.

And then I served it with grilled asparagus and organic jasmine rice.

We also put some Trader Joe's hot and sweet mustard on top of the fish for a little added flavor. 

Holy mess!! It was yummy!

I'm so thankful that I did not get my Dad's allergy to salmon!

Kev pretty much has our eating outside down to a science.  He lights a Tiki candle and sets up two fans that blow in each direction.  It keeps the flies away and makes for a comfortable atmosphere.

So, much so that we were lucky enough to have a visitor....

Froggles!! He joined us for a quick minute... and probably would have stayed longer except he grew tired of the obnoxiously loud lady snapping his picture and hopped off in to oblivion.  I have never seen a frog hop so fast in all my life!

He basically disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Similar  to a vampire... but minus the smoke.

 Speaking of which... I'm off to watch the rest of True Blood season three.  I can't seem to get enough of it!!  I love me some HBO!  And for you fans out there.... every one was right... after season one, Eric becomes vastly superior to Bill in the heartthrob category.

So much so, that I've told Kev that if he shows up on our front doorstep to definitely invite him in. 

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  1. Two comments:
    1. I have been trying to tell you for almost 4 decades how wonderful chocolate (and especially dark chocolate) is!! Listen to your mama!!
    2. What is the reason that I am not eating some of that yummy bread right now??
    Love, mom