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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


An incredible place for lunch!
Lillian's is where Sweet Caroline's baby shower was held.  Caroline is my soon-to-be niece in case you forgot.  I haven't.  Because I am literally counting the days until she is born.  Long legs and all.  I love that precious girl already!

Lillian's just so happens to be right across the street from my new place of work.  It is truly fate that we got to know each other... and an added bonus that I fell in love with the food.

My Mom has been asking to take me to lunch ever since I started my new job.  She has patiently waited while I worked and worked and worked getting situated in my new store.  Any time she would bring it up... I had no definite idea of where I wanted to eat.  Until the baby shower.  And then I knew that Lillian's would be the host of my new job celebration.

So, it finally happened.  My life got back to normal.  I texted my Mom to set a date.  And we went last Tuesday.

It was just what I imagined.

Comforting and delicious.

I was encouraged to try the chicken salad.  In fact, just about every person that I have mentioned Lillian's to has suggested the chicken salad.  It is famous and I'm sure absolutely incredible!! Not to mention that chicken salad just so happens to be my most favorite sandwich of ALL time. 

However, from the minute I walked in to the place for the baby shower.... I had the avocado, sprout, and Swiss sandwich on the brain... and I knew that if I didn't try it I would regret it.

I believe that me and avocados were separated at birth... because every time that I am around one I feel the need for us to be together.

Plus - now that I work where I do... I can visit Lillian's any time that I want and can eat chicken salad all the live long day.

At least that is my plan!

My Mom got the chicken salad, though.  On a croissant.  And it looked incredible!!

As for my sandwich... it did NOT disappoint.  In fact, it was perfect.  Melted Swiss with avocado= heavenly.  I think I gobbled it up in a matter of seconds.  And then sat there and daydreamed about what I had just eaten.

We got there at 11am and were the only ones in the place.  But by noon, it was filled to the max! There were even people waiting for a table.  It is one popular place!  I should have realized that because whenever I bring it up to my customers, they are very familiar with it and always have wonderful things to say!

Lunch was great!  The company was great!! And it was good to get caught up on all of the happenings with the family.

It was such a fun afternoon.  My Mom even stopped by to see my store.

Thanks Mom for such a fabulous experience!

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  1. You are welcome!! It was my pleasure, and I hope to do it again soon!! Love, Mom