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Friday, July 8, 2011

Shade and Shenanigans

Before I begin my tale of of what went down in our backyard on the 3rd of July.... I need for you to know that I am currently watching Tron.  The movie.  The second one.

I use the word "watching" loosely.

I have no idea what is going on.  And unfortunately it was my idea to watch this because I never saw the first movie. *Gasp*.  Kev says that it means I didn't have a childhood.

I say that it means that my parents didn't force me to watch bizarre sci-fi movies unless they involved princesses, Ewoks, and cute robots.

Regardless, I remember the arcade video game at Showbiz pizza.  If that counts for anything.

I will ask Kev to tell me the details when the movie is over.  He is so good to me that way... even if my request will result in major sighs and the rolling of eyes.

Anyway, as you know we celebrated the 4th of July on the 3rd.  And we hosted our annual cookout in our back yard because it was the right thing to do.

And just so much darn fun!

The last you heard from me before the party was that Kev had just gotten up and it was time for me to get to work.

I rushed around pulling out my ONE side dish and putting sun block on and just basically doing everything that I could to look busy.

Until I looked outside and saw this.....

And realized that Kev had put together the best backyard party setup ever. 

At least for our crew.

The above picture is the perfect example of what happens when I work on the weekends.  Lowes does every thing in it's power to lure Kev in to their store with promises of good deals and extra shade and plenty of seating and things that grill and fry every thing that you can think of.

And they succeed every single time.

And there is nothing I can do about it except enjoy it... because it is too hard not to.

Kev really does think of every thing.

So, I stopped what I was doing (nothing) and went outside to start soaking up the sun and to wait for our guests.

Our first party guest....

Mason had to come check out what was going on.... I'm still not sure what he was wearing.  Pajamas? Play clothes? Swim suit? 

Or maybe he was just prepared for anything that could possibly happen.

My nephew, Michael, ( turning EIGHTEEN tomorrow!)
I've had just about enough of him growing up.  And of his muscles that he feels the need to show me every chance he can.

The pool filled up fast...
So much delicious food was brought!!!  Oreo cupcakes, cherry dump cake, homemade peach ice cream, pasta salads.... and the most anticipated addition of all.... fried fish (caught by Randy!) and vinegar wing chips.

In fact, most of the food went untouched while we all waited around for the fish to cook... It was perfectly amazing and one of my favorite "treats".  Unfortunately, (fortunately for dietary reasons) I seem to only get my fried fish fix once a year. 

Which is why I ate 20 pounds of it.

And then ate a couple pieces more.

And just when I thought that we would be freezing our tower of grilled burgers and dogs.... the family.. famished after an entire afternoon of swimming and hyper activity... stayed for dinner.

Our freezer and my fear of frozen foods thanks them.

It looks like some one was flexing their muscles way too much....

And someone was just tuckered out......
This was before Kev jumped in (aka cannonballed) and started the unnecessary rough housing that NO ONE was spared from.....

Shooting the breeze.... and staying out of the sun...

Abigail and Nana were the best of swim buddies.  That sweet girl was born a water baby!  ( I will let you decide who I am referring to.) :)

Hanging out with her Build-a-bear sunglasses.  Perfect for preemies.  


Every one left around 7... way before it was dark enough for fireworks... even though we had already decided not to do them because it was the 3rd and all.  However, our neighbors and the entire town of Gaston had other ideas and shot fireworks over and over and over all through the night.  In fact, a couple of times it sounded like some were going off inside our house.

It was a battle zone.

It was such a fun day.... but over way too fast.  Funny how good times don't last very long.

That is why it is so important to keep having more.....

Especially since we have invested in the ultimate outdoor air conditioning/ sun shading/ seating arrangement set up.

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