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Monday, June 1, 2009

The Airport - The Arrival

Flying is for the birds.

Which is why I have decided that I do not want to fly anymore. Ever.

The following tale takes place between 11am and 9pm on Wednesday. 10 hours. To get to Tampa. For the record, I could have driven in 8.

It all started when I was informed by the weatherman (Kev) that Wednesday and Thursday were not good days to fly. The weather was supposed to be horrible.


Now let me just take you back to the Fall of 1991.......we were moving to Columbia due to my Dad's transfer with work. His company offered to fly us. I was deathly afraid of flying. But the flight was free and how many times in your life do you get a flight for free.... so, I decided to give it a try.... translation - I was forced to fly and not given the option.

We were all dressed in our "Sunday best" because that is what you did to travel. If you lived in the Little House on the Prairie. My Ma and Pa wanted us to look respectable when we rode up in to town..... or Columbia, SC in the year 1991. Regardless, I was petrified. I sat next to Kristen who was sitting next to a window. I refused to look out of the window for the whole 45 minutes we were flying. Vowing to never fly again.

But then I became a "business woman" (ugh! I hate the sound of that) and flying became a natural part of life. I became so comfortable with flying that sometimes I wouldn't even zip up my pants. And I may have burped out loud a time or two. Once, I put on a crazy, hairy costume that zipped up the back. I then climbed out on the wing and made scary faces to the other passengers. While we were flying. Oh the things I will do for a laugh... or scream...

Fast forward to today.....

It has been a year since I have flown. And for some reason, I just wasn't feeling it. And I came up with a couple of reasons why:
1. I've diagnosed myself as being mildly agoraphobic. I've decided that I do not like being too far away from home. I've been drinking Kev's koolaid... and I like it.
2. I was not looking forward to this business meeting - AT ALL.
3. Is it just me... or has there been a lot of horrific plane accidents lately? One of them being at the Columbia airport just last Fall.
4. I hate wearing my "Sunday best" to fly. It involves spanx and makes me breathe funny.

Kev quickly reassured me that everything was going to be ok. And to hurry up and pack and get the heck out of Gaston. As I was driving away from the house.... I'm pretty sure that I saw him kick his heels up in delight. Probably in the realization that he would have the house to himself for two days. I'm sure you will find this hard to believe.... but I am rather annoying. And needy. And eat a lot of food.

So, I drive to the airport. Park a million miles away from the terminal. Sing the "Brownie Smile Song". And began my long trek to the check-in counter.... with a positive attitude and a spring in my step.

Until I encountered my first obstacle of the day.

Flight from Columbia to Atlanta (my layover)..... DELAYED

To be continued.......

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