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Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Sounds of Happiness

Humming. Wind chimes. A purring cat. Balloons being blown up. A carbonated drink fizzing. A charm bracelet jingling. Popcorn popping. Waves crashing. Cheese being sliced. Hitting the jackpot on the slot machines. Splashing in the pool. Cat bird. 80's air guitar. Cowbell.


These are some of the sounds that represent happiness. To me. You may have other ideas but I had no way to ask you. I live on the outskirts of town and depend on carrier pigeons for communication. Unfortunately, they are all on vacation at our bird sanctuary where they are "eating us out of house and home".

I apologize to anyone who dislikes that phrase. It is the only way I know how to describe it.


We all know how much I LOVE to laugh. It is a known fact. It is on record at the Gaston County Courthouse. It is obvious because of my laugh lines.

Someone else who LOVES to laugh...... Kev. He laughs about every 15 minutes. On an average day. Mostly at something I do or say. Usually without me even trying.

I have told you before about how I was raised on laughter. It is in my families' DNA. It is what gets you through life. It is what keeps you young. It is what keeps you sane.

So, if we LOVE to laugh so much and my family LOVES to laugh so much and my Dad's middle name is laugh. Then you can only imagine the "happiness sounds" coming from our beach house.

Sometimes you are laughing so much you don't even remember getting your picture taken. Like this one...... We sure seem to be having an awfully good time. Dave is holding a bag of shredded cheese. I'm sticking my hand in it. HILARIOUS!

And then there was skit night. Which I haven't even gotten around to telling you about yet. But just know that we not only snickered, giggled, and chuckled...... We reacted Jerry Springer style. I think the cops were called. I'm not sure because we all pretended to be asleep when they arrived. Stopping dead in your tracks and fake snoring fools everyone. Especially in my family.

Even with all of the stresses in life..... A couple of days of laughing helps you to forget the real world and enjoy your vacation....

This is what getting the entire family together under one roof does to a mother......

And last but not least.... the king of laughter. My Dad.

He was laughing SO hard when I took this picture .. that his head almost exploded. My Dad just makes me laugh. I laugh at his laugh. And I'm thankful that he gave me mine.
Have you laughed today?

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