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Monday, June 29, 2009

Jamaican Luau?

I know what a Jamaican is. I know what a Luau is. Until June 14, 2009, I had never heard the two words together. And they were being used to describe a festive meal we were about to enjoy.

That is when I knew for sure that I was on a Switzer family vacation. We tend to invent new things/make things up. When it is for a good cause. Like a festive meal.

Just the name Jamaican Luau probably makes you jealous that you weren't there. And you don't even know what we had to eat.

But don't worry. Because I'm about to tell you.

It all started back when I was a little girl and I came up with a cooking/cleaning rotation that would make everything run smoothly and deliciously.

Except for I wasn't that little of a girl. It was only a month ago. But it was before I received 10 more years of sun damage during this trip.

So, my parents and Bethany volunteered to be the chefs/party planners for Sunday night.

Do you remember me telling you about themed dinners?

Good. It will help explain this situation.

My parents went to Jamaica last New Year's. They fell in love with jerk chicken (a food... not a person). They fed it to us and we fell in love with jerk chicken. So, my parents decided to cook jerk chicken with the "fixins" but turn it in to a Hawaiian luau because they love that too. Two themes in one. A fantasy come true.

Jerk Chicken.

I thought that maybe if I typed it one more time in this post... then you would understand what we were eating for dinner.

I kill myself with my repetitive words.

My Mom went all out with the decor. She decorated the house and the table.....

And then she decorated us......

Basically we all got leid. Get it? Everyone in my family got it because we said it that night. A lot. Loudly.
Oh... and if you are wondering what Kev is looking at. Wonder no more. He is purposely looking away from the camera. You are seeing the beginning of "Vacation Kev". And I mean beginning. Because "Vacation Kev" got wilder and wilder as the week went on.
He is now renting himself out for parties.
And breakdancing competitions.
After our DELICIOUS DELICIOUS and did I say DELICIOUS meal of JERK CHICKEN.... we moved on to the festivities.
Jamaican Luau Bingo.
My Mom got each one of us a bucket. Painted our names on it. And filled it with bingo parts. "Parts" being aquarium rocks that may or may not have had old fish poop on them. We were on vacation... so who really cares. We played bingo until every single person (18) had won a round and gotten a prize.
My prize: a stack of post-it notes
Kev's prize: a box of pens
And we were thrilled! Because we needed both of those things for the office.
I was secretly hoping to get the travel sized kleenex or roll of toilet paper. Just because I have never won something like that at a bingo game.
Actually, I have never won ANYTHING at bingo. Because I have never played. I'm too young.
Fabulous meal! Fun times! Great company!

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