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Monday, June 8, 2009

My Favorite Things

As promised... here is my weekly installment of My Favorite Things. Except for these were my favorite things for last week as I am super behind. And I have a "super behind". But that is a totally different story. And for those of you who are sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for my finale to the Airport Story.....I promise that it is coming. Soon. If I don't forget about what happened. But I can't imagine that I would since it was SO horrific!

Have I told you that I go on vacation in THREE days!! THREE! And have I mentioned how badly I need it. I have even stopped dancing at work. (Except if you count the "dance off " I had in the office last Monday.... and no -it was with someone... I was not by myself. Because then I would have won.)

That little tidbit of information has absolutely nothing to do with this post. Except to give you proof that I sometimes have diarrhea of the mouth and I say random things. (and that I am so excited about going on vacation)

Anyhoo.... on with the post.....

SWEET POTATO CHIPS. So, you have all heard my dramatic childhood regarding sweet potatoes.... and then my introduction to them at a later age that turned in to an obsession with their sweet, delicious, creamy goodness. I mean that I just love these root vegetables. A LOT. And then one day I was skipping through the incredible selection of fresh veges and fruits at the local Publix... and I came across these chips. Now, as you know, chips can be greasy, fattening, and just plain rude. I try to steer clear of them. Unless I am eating nachos. Which I do daily. I doubted that these would be any better for you. But then my curiosity kicked in. Curiosity can be dangerous because it killed the cat. I am very brave, however, when it comes to trying food. So I gave the bag a "look-see".

These chips are actually pretty healthy. Sweet potatoes, sunflower oil, and sea salt. Only .5 grams of saturated fat. But here is the kicker.... they actually tasted amazing. Because I opened the bag right then and there and started eating.

Settle down... I wouldn't actually do that. Besides the fact that I haven't paid for it yet... it would just be tooo embarrassing to be standing alone in the produce section eating a bag of chips. People would stare. And point.

But that reminds me of a time I was in the produce section of another grocery store. In Gaston. And a Mom and her daughter were "sampling all of the grapes". The Mom told the daughter that it is important to "test" the produce before you actually buy. So, they stood there eating tons of grapes off of every bunch and then decided they didn't want to buy any. They were probably not wearing their shoes and shirts either. I don't remember. I was staring and pointing. And looking for the product police.

Ok... so all of that information just to tell you that these chips are worth your time and energy. And your body will thank you. Except for I can only find them at Publix. So, it is a special treat every time that I go.


This is one of my prized possessions. It was given with love and thoughtfulness. And it has beautiful colors. And I love Mexican food. And it completely expresses how me and Kev feel about our house.... mostly.... It depends on who it is.

My sister - Holly and her husband - Kris (not to be confused with Kris-ten my other sister) got this for me as a souvenir from Mexico. In Epcot. In Orlando, FL. It is the same as actually going to Mexico except for that the service in restaurants is probably better - in the real Mexico - not Florida. ( If you are unsure of what I am talking about... go back and read my Disney adventures in March). Anyway... Holly thought of me when she saw the sign because of my repeated comments stating that her and Kris were always welcome to stay at our house. Repeated comments all on the same night. Because I am forgetful. And I like to say things over and over. Especially when I'm not getting any attention.

Regardless of how much I talked. They felt that I deserved a souvenir from their Disney trip. And so they got us one. Simple as that. Sometimes you are just given random things that are absolutely perfect. This was one of them. I hung it above the door in my kitchen. It reminds me to share. And how much I love tacos.


Now I know that you all remember the bird feeder that I got for "Mother's Day". It has been the highlight of my every morning to look out there and see the birds.... except there hadn't been any. And I was starting to get discouraged.

And then Red Bunny (a hopping cardinal) came along. He loved it and started to tell his friends. That resulted in a small mess below the bird feeder right in the spot where you walk outside. Kev said that he REFUSED to track in bird seed in to the house and began to come up with another plan.

This was his plan.....

Isn't it delightful!! This is now my new favorite spot in the back yard. He even planted a couple more palm trees around it. To make the bird sanctuary complete.

I can watch it for hours. From indoors. Because it is so darn hot outside. Even though Kev put a Sangria feeder out there for me so I wouldn't feel left out.

And now we have become the neighborhood bird's favorite restaurant...

I always knew that we had a ton of birds in our backyard.... but we have birds flying in for dinner every second. Kev has even seen four birds eating at a time. Four different species of birds. Sharing a meal. We are creating bird peace. And I love every second of it.
How will we ever name them all?
And what are they going to do when Kev puts them on a restricted eating plan? Because they are eating us out of house and home.... whatever that means. Aren't "house" and "home" the same thing?
Anyway... as always thanks for reading about my peculiar life.....
FAMILY VACATION COMING SOON..... which means I will be posting a ton. Especially the pics of "Switzer Family Skit Night". I hope you can stand it!

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  1. Kim, I love your blog! I am in awe of your writing skills and how your stories capture my attention! Lets just say I think you are awesome! I can't wait to see you and the rest of the Switzer clan soon!