The Excellent Adventures of Kim and Kev

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

One Year!

I cannot believe it has already been ONE whole year since this sweet little girl was born!

We actually celebrated Abigail's birthday a week ahead of time so her cousin, Caroline, could attend.

The party was held at our usual place... "the party shed of Chapin".  I don't know how our big family ever managed before.  There is plenty of room, plenty of space for the kids to play, and all the tools and hunting equipment you could ever want/need. 

Not to mention a newly constructed bathroom and mini kitchen for all of your celebratory needs. 

Shannon went with a butterfly theme as that is what Abby's nursery is decorated in.

My Mom made the cupcakes - and I think this turned out SO cute!
Shannon and Randy had regular cookout food + I made a pasta salad with butterfly shaped noodles ( from World Market) and an appetizer of spinach dip with butterfly shaped crackers ( Pepperidge Farm).

She also served the cupcakes, pink M & Ms, butterfly marshmallows and chocolates, and white chocolate covered pretzel sticks.
Abigail had a wonderful time!
The Karate Kid even made an appearance...

As did Sweet Caroline...
Caroline meeting Aunt Laurie + John for the first time...

She wasn't too happy with me for a minute... I think she prefers my curly frizzball hair over straight.

This was her response to Kev when he told her that she was going to end up with hair like mine...
Abby with her loving parents..

Kev's parents gave her the CUTEST dress with sparkly black shoes!  Precious!
Opening gifts...
Time for the (cup)cake...
Blowing out her candle...( with help from Daddy)

And the messiness begins...

We had such a fun time and Shannon did an AMAZING job of making Abby's party so fun and special!!

Happy First Birthday, Abigail Marie!  We love you SO much!


  1. I can't believe Abby is a year old either. You did a fabulous job of taking just the right pictures to capture the fun and festivity of the party! Everything and everybody looks so good! Laurie is so lucky to live close enough to attend those special events in Columbia/Chapin/Gaston.

  2. Kim! Your pictures are amazing!! Good job!! I think you will always be the family photographer!! The party was so fun and the babies so adorable!! It will be a special celebration we will always remember!! Love, mom