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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Boot Camp

Grocery shopping with noodle legs is NOT fun.

And that is exactly what I had to do this morning after I attended a boot camp class.

Last summer, I purchased a groupon for one month of boot camp/personal training sessions.  The expiration date was so far away - so I figured that I would save it for when I needed some extra motivation in my fitness routine.

Well, not only has the time flown by ( it expires in April) BUT I am in desperate need of some focus.  Today seemed like the perfect day to start.

We started out with Pilates and ended with a boot camp session.

Unfortunately for me, there was a lot of core work ( weak core = I hate exercising it!).

Fortunately for me, there was a lot of core work.  Which is just what I need whether I like it or not!


I'm so used to being in the back of the class or in a darkly lit room so I can roll my eyes or make mad faces if I don't like what I'm doing.   But being face to face with the trainer prevented that and required me to man up and deal with it.

Which is exactly why my muscles have the shakes now.

I wonder if it is enough to get me out of pine cone pick up tomorrow?

Probably not.

In other news, I realized that I never recapped my cleanse.

For someone that is completely obsessed with lists + highlighters + planners + organization charts, you would think that I would do a better job of keeping it together.  But these last few months have got me so discombobulated that some days I don't know which end is up.

I totally blame it on the weather. 

And the fact that my body has stopped being able to internally heat itself.

Regardless, I completed it on February 15th.  And honestly have mixed feelings about it

I never really got the burst of energy that I was looking for and had gotten the first time around.  In fact, I stayed so tired over my lack of caffeine that I am back to drinking it on a regular basis.  I was hoping to not be so dependant on it - and even though I am not drinking as much as I was - I still drink it quite a bit.

I guess I should be happy if that is the only negative.

Other than that, my appetite and cravings have totally changed.  I went from craving every thing I could think of... mainly pizza and beer and steak and chicken and cheese and bread... to not even caring about eating them again. 

Since I have finished, I have only eaten meat twice.  Once as raw tuna in sushi ( loved!) and once as chicken in jambalaya.  It was fine but I realized that I didn't miss it and didn't need it.  In fact, it made my tummy a little upset - but that could also be due to all of the jalapenos and cheesy cornbread that I ate along with it.  :) 

Alcohol - don't miss it.  Don't need it.

Cheese - I could take it or leave it as well.  I LOVED the pizzas that Kev grilled for us last Saturday - and ate plenty of the veggie ones.  But the next day, I went back to eating my normal ( kind of boring) healthy food and didn't have a craving for any more of it.

Who am I?

I'm not saying that I won't eat meat or cheese or sweets... but it is just not something that I day dream about.  It also helped that I was eating pretty healthy before I started the cleanse - so, I didn't have a lot of work to do in that department.

Kev forced me asked me to take a picture of the following meal just to show how weird my eating habits have become....

Steamed okra + two runny eggs.  ( Eaten on our random Statue of Liberty plate)

That was my dinner, folks.

And I loved every second of it.

Final Thoughts:  I LOVE cleansing.  I've done it multiple times and I feel like it is a good way for me to "refresh" myself and get my year started on the right path.  I usually do it right after the holidays -which is when I am feeling my unhealthiest.  I'm not sure why I struggled with my energy this time around - but maybe I am just not as hyper of as person as I used to be or would like to think I am and my low energy levels were normal.  ??

As for Kev, he has still been eating just like he always has- most things in moderation.  In fact, I've made him some pretty awesome ( in his words) recipes lately.  I plan to do a post with a couple of those - because they are easy to make and good meals for busy families.

Speaking of meals... It's time to start dinner.  If I can get off of the couch.

Hope you are all having a wonderful, relaxing weekend!

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  1. Wow!! You did the boot camp!! Everytime I get a groupon for boot camp or something similar, I hit "delete"!! I like to do my own exercise thing and make as many faces as I want to and wear what I want to and not worry who is standing behind me!! Ha!! Love, mom