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Thursday, March 15, 2012


At least one group of them is sore every day.

I blame it on Groupon, Living Social, and my goal to try as many new workouts as I can this year.

I almost wish it wasn't so easy to purchase a fitness package on my phone - but then again if it took any more than a couple of seconds... I wouldn't be in the state I am today.

Which is sore.

The past two weeks have been filled with boot camp, TRX suspension, pilates, spin, and weight lifting.

Yesterday, I purchased a Crosfit package and some more yoga classes.

Having so many options definitely keeps the whole exercising process fun - even though I am such a creature of habit.  Some times it is just good (and challenging) to change things up a bit.

In other news, I feel like I have become incredibly boring lately.  Work + working out + work + agonizing over the amount of pine cones that keep appearing in my yard ( one of my most hated chores).  There just hasn't really been that much to blog about. 

But between the fact that The Pioneer Woman's NEW cookbook is scheduled to arrive tomorrow and the weather is FINALLY gorgeous and I am slowly (but surely) coming out of my "wintertime woe is me" attitude..... things will be back on track real soon!

Ya hear!

Stay tuned for some Kev approved recipes... including the baby back ribs that have been cooking in the crock pot all day.  They smell incredible!

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