The Excellent Adventures of Kim and Kev

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chips + Cookbooks + Fitness

It is no secret that we are lovers of Mexican food. 

So much so that we would both declare it our favorite cuisine.

( At least until our dinner last night - which will have to be a story for another time)

The problem with Mexican cuisine, though, is that it is not all that healthy.  It requires a little more creativity to make it tasty and fulfilling when you are determined to NOT add cheese.  Especially when my all time favorite Mexican meal is cheese enchiladas.  And Kev considers queso his best friend.

But then I came across this Black Bean Salad on Pinterest.  And the rest is history.
Because Kev declared this meal his new favorite Mexican meal of all time!

( We seem to throw around the word "favorite"  a lot in our household!)

My original plan was to put the "salad" on some organic corn tortillas that we love from Fresh Market.  They were going to be like mini pizzas without the cheese.  But unfortunately, Fresh Market was sold out!  So, I went with the next best thing.....

Impressive ingredient list + light, crunchy, salty flavor = perfection! 

And was the perfect accompaniment to restaurant style salsa.

Kev went all out with the chips - scooping up a little of this.. a little of that... It was like he was having his own fiesta at his corner of the table.

I turned my meal in to a big salad.... with extra avocado and some random left over broccoli.... and poured the salsa over the top like a salad dressing.

I also crumbled the chips in to the salad for some extra salt and crunch. 

And then ate eleven thousand more chips dipped in salsa.

It was so addicting!

Speaking of addicting... I've been carrying around these cookbooks for the last week - making meal plans for the rest of my life.........
 My Mom gave me the Food & Wine book for Valentine's Day.  The recipes inside are incredible and unbelievable!  Just the picture on the front makes me want to eat this book for breakfast.

I gave Kev the Guy Fieri book for Christmas because we are both fans of his cooking show.  It is really more of a grilling cookbook - which is why we haven't used it yet - but that will all change this weekend!
 And then there is cookbook #2 from the beloved Pioneer Woman.  Her first cookbook has been used more than any other cookbook in my kitchen.  Every single thing has tasted amazing and I go back to it week after week after week.  I know her second one will be no different because I am only half way through reading it and already have a bazillion post-its marking recipes I want to make.

And then there is addiction #3.  Fitness Groupons.  Today's is unlimited pole dancing classes. 



  1. That Black Bean Salad looks amazing and I really want to try it. The link didn't work, so I was wondering if I could trouble you for the recipe? Your food ALWAYS looks fantastic - Kev is certainly the lucky guy to get to eat your meals - I don't dare show your pictures to Bud or he'll start expecting the same thing! Love you lots, Aunt Sandi

  2. Kim!! 1. I cannot believe you are doing without cheese!!!!
    2. Pole dancing sounds right up your alley!! Take lots of pics and a video or two!! Kev will love it!! Ha!! Love, mom