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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

My parents rang in the New Year in the Magic Kingdom.....

(I've never seen anyone blow horns like they do)

Bethany and her roommate Laura rang in the New Year in Epcot....

We couldn't let them show us up.... so, being the exciting people that we are - we chose to celebrate New Year's Eve in..... Gaston.

Where there are no restrictions on fireworks. There is no curfew on how loud and obnoxious you can be.

And "Insane Bob's Fireworks Brothel" is right down the street.

It can't get any better than that.

But it was just too much excitement for just the two of us to handle.... so, we invited the kiddos....

First of all, let me tell you that it was freezing cold. Second of all, let's just discuss this picture. Ashlynn is wearing my hoodie backwards WITH shorts. Michael is wearing Kev's jacket because he only has a short sleeved shirt on. Austin seems to be the only one prepared because he is wearing his Snuggie, flannel pajamas, and has a panda bear and turtle to keep him warm. Mason is just wearing his pjs- but seems to always fall asleep when I take pictures. It is his "thing" that he does.

I can't be responsible for their attire... because I am too busy worrying about my own. Which means that I had on a t-shirt and jeans. And flip flops.
Kev is exhausted from trying to keep me dressed appropriately.
Anyway, I apparently thought we were feeding a group of wild bears that had been hibernating all winter.... because I made chicken fingers, steak, biscuits, mac n cheese and french fries. And served it all with a box of individual bags of potato chips. Just in case someone needed an extra snack before and after eating.
New Year's Eve is NOT about being healthy. ( New Year's Day isn't either, by the way. It technically doesn't have to start until half way in to January - or so says the rule of Kim)
I also do NOT claim to be the responsible, coat wearing, vegetable serving Aunt. That is why I'm considered fun. And am not responsible for any other human and creature other than myself.
I'm sure Kev will tell you that some times I shouldn't even be responsible for myself. But that is a story for another time.
So, after we (me) over indulged ourselves in food..... We headed out to do fireworks....

In the rain....

And they were amazing. NOT! Because I seriously bought the lamest fireworks ever! In my fear of some one blowing a finger off on my watch... I literally stood at the window of Insane Bob's Fireworks Brothel and made the lady show me the SAFEST fireworks of all time. While my 16 yr old nephew and 14 yr old niece rolled their eyes and let out sighs.
Aunt Kim loses her "fun" when it comes to fire.
Even so, there was a lot of screaming and clapping... (unfortunately, Ashlynn informed me that it all came from me.)
But we saved the best for last.... Sparklers!
At least Austin was excited about it...

This is pretty much what it looked like when all six of us were doing sparklers. In the rain....

All of that excitement summed up about 10 minutes of our evening.
There was nothing left to do but return inside for Wii championships and board games....

At midnight, we ran outside for the Gaston fireworks extravaganza only to discover that due to the RAIN... Screaming and yelling had taken the place of the light show. There was nothing else we could do but join in.
"Happy Freakin' New Year Everybody!"

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