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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Becoming A Switzer

My brother is getting married in like 3 1/2 months! And I cannot believe that the day is almost here!

I am beside myself with excitement!

And I just couldn't finish out 2009 without documenting Laura's first wedding shower.

It was a monogram shower thrown by Laura's best friends - her bridesmaids. And it was a SURPRISE.

I'm horrible with surprises. I have made it abundantly clear that I am impatient and therefore cannot wait for anything. I also have a big mouth. And things come out of it without me wanting them to.

For example: I discovered the "Santa closet" at a young age. And made sure that I looked inside it regularly and told all of my siblings what they were getting.

I may or may not STILL peek inside the "Santa room" at my parent's house and figure out what every one is getting.

It is a disease.

Plus J.C. dared me one year. And I love a good dare.

And now that I think about it... I should charge my siblings for giving them information. I could make a fortune.

Anyhoo..... I received a secret message on Facebook inviting me and my Mom/sisters to this SURPRISE shower for Laura. I was thrilled beyond belief. And quickly made sure they all knew about it.

That same night I just happened to be going to dinner with Laura. And she preceded to tell me that she HATES surprises. And made sure that she told Dave that early on.

I immediately grew three gray hairs.

Because I too hate surprises. And the "hating surprises" person in me felt the need to tell Laura about the shower. Cause it was the right thing to do.

But this was NOT my shower. And therefore I felt obligated to keep it a secret. And decided right then and there that we should not tell Dave. I knew that Dave (just like Kev) would tell Laura immediately of the plans. In order to not be blamed for the secret later.

It kept me awake at night. And made me eat gallons of ice cream.

I couldn't even enjoy dinner with Laura that week because I was so nervous over keeping a secret from her.

She is VERY tall... you know.

But luckily, before I had to be committed, the day of the shower came. It was a monogram shower. I just LOVE monogrammed things. Especially things with an S on it. In fact, Kev's response to the shower was "don't we already have something with an S that we can give them". It's called being practical. Plus I'm sure it would be considered an antique because we are so much older than them.

I chose to get her an ornament. #1 Laura loves Christmas. #2 They did not have any decorations yet. #3 Getting silver engraved is fun.

I got a silver snowflake. With their wedding date on one side. And their married initials on the other..... LSD.

Hmmmmmm. Now that I see it all together.. it doesn't seem very appropriate.

Or... (if I didn't want to acknowledge the #1 drug of the 1970's) I could have done DSL. Which would be a shout out to a slow-ER way of connecting to the internet.

I guess I should just stick with "S" from now on.


We arrived early at the restaurant- The Villa. Laura thought she was having her "once a month" get together with her closest friends. Little did she know that all kinds of family members were there as well.

We definitely surprised her! And I was able to snap a pic on my phone the minute she walked around the corner. I emailed it to Dave. He thanked me later for not telling him about it and giving him the burden of should he tell/not tell Laura about the shower. Which means he would have told her.

I'm smarter than I look.

We had such a great time. And Laura received many amazing things. And I really couldn't ask for a better sister in law!

This pic is of Laura plus the girls in her family and the girls in my family (well, some of them).

I'm counting the days until April 10th!

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  1. That is such a cute theme for a shower. I can't wait until the wedding!