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Monday, December 21, 2009

My Little Christmas Helper.... and a Surprise!

(Folks! You are going to have to bear with me as I finish telling my stories of 2009. This year has been the most hectic year - by far - but I still managed to have some amazing moments that I want to share. And then I will get started on 2010)

I made a pact with Kev this year that I would wait to decorate. Until after Thanksgiving. (I usually put my decorations up around the first week of November) Well, the week after Thanksgiving turned in to the second week of December. And all I had managed to do was to get the trees set up. Meaning un-boxing them and putting them in their stands. We (I) decided to have FIVE trees this year. And realized too late in the season that FIVE trees can turn in to a chore and not an enjoyment. Add to the fact that I did not have ornaments for two of the trees and tree toppers for three of them.... and you pretty much have a disaster on your hands.

My initial plan was to buy up a bunch of stuff last year after Christmas for super cheap and then be ready to go this year. It didn't happen.

Then my plan was to spend a day shopping for great bargains on ornaments and put together some pretty creative trees. I'm talking home made tree toppers. Vintage ornaments. You get the idea. I had such great visions of magazine worthy trees. Trees that I had decorated with my own craftiness with minimal cost.

It was going to be amazing.

So thank goodness that there is always next year.

I did manage to pick color themes for my new trees. And I was able to purchase ball ornaments in those colors. (Wal mart did an amazing job this year with color selection)

And then this sweet boy came over to help me decorate......

His birthday was December 11th. So, we made his "spend the night visit" part birthday celebration/part Christmas decorating. And he was amazing! It just so happens that he loves to decorate. He actually volunteered after hearing me whine to my Mother that I couldn't find the time to get my house ready for Christmas.

It worked out perfectly. I checked him out of school early. He helped me pick a wreath for the front door. Ribbon for the trees. And then we got to work.

Unfortunately, I took NO pics of our trees. I planned to. And then I just spent two hours taking it all down and storing it away and realized that I have nothing to show for it. The good news is that I will be more prepared and organized next year ( I hope) to put my creative touch on each tree.

But since I'm sure you are dying to know.... The trees were as follows....

#1 The Lodge Tree. Located in the Lodge room. My favorite tree ever! Full of pine cones, holly berry and home made wilderness looking ornaments. I even have little woodland creatures hiding among the branches. I wish I could keep this one up all year. But the boss needs to maintain some type of order around here... and if he gave me an inch.. I would take a mile.. and our decorations would stay up forever.

#2 The Disney Tree. Located in the Kid's room. Mickey tree topper. All Disney ornaments. Bright colorful lights.

#3 The Fancy Tree? Located in the Dining Room. This tree has very little on it and I really wanted to class it up a little more. It is mainly for me to showcase my fancy ornaments. Especially the ones that my Grandmother sends me each year for Christmas. I put a lot of red ribbon bows on it - on Christmas Eve - to make it look a little more festive. Nothing like finishing a tree at the last minute.

#4 The Gamecock Tree. Located in the Gamecock Room. Red ball ornaments. Black ball ornaments. Red and Black polka dot ribbon. And a home made black ribbon with a USC hand painted ornament in the center. It was not as great as it sounds. The topper could use some work. It also didn't light up in the middle of the tree. At first I was upset... but decided that it represented a Gamecock season. Starting off good. Sucking in the middle. Ending good. But considering we just lost the bowl game.... I guess my reasoning doesn't really work.

#5 The Sun room Tree. Located in the Sun room (duh). I went with lime green and pink for this tree. Again... only ball ornaments. And a lopsided hand made bow. But it looked good from the outside of the house when you could only see the tree lit up.

I also wanted to add that Kev had the ENTIRE yard lit up - trees, bushes, and more trees by the first week in December. Just as he had planned. He is crazy organized that way. So, at least our neighbors were able to enjoy our decor from the outside.

Not that they would ever enjoy it from the inside. Because country folk don't mingle and pretty much keep to themselves. It is the Gaston law.

Austin had brought his elf, Rudy. Rudy is dropped off by Santa every December for Austin to "baby sit" and then is picked up on Christmas Eve to help deliver packages. Rudy is known to be mischievous. So, you never know where he will end up in the night.

After eating his midnight snack of a jelly bean and a small glass of water. He jumped inside my pantry and buddied up to my elf cookie jar......

It took Austin a while to find him the next morning.

And now for the surprise.....

I have been wanting a Dutch Oven for a while now. And just casually mentioned it to Kev recently. I thought it would be perfect for making soups and stews. Not to mention that The Pioneer Woman uses one in almost every recipe.

And wouldn't you know that waiting for me as an early Christmas present was this.....

In my most favorite color....

So, Austin and I did what any one would do. We made a homemade beef stew. DELICIOUS! It simmered for three hours. And lasted for four days. Of lunches and dinners.

Kev said that he should have gotten me the smaller one as I always tend to fill up every dish when I'm cooking.
Now if I could only learn to pronounce the name brand in the correct French accent. Because telling the lady at Williams Sonoma that I got a LEE CREW-SET was a little embarrassing.

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