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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Aging Gracefully

It is extremely hard to grow older without gaining a wrinkle. Without growing a gray hair. Without any part of your body sagging.

So hard that I gave up years ago. So long ago that if you were to see me right now you would think that I was the evil Stepmother in the movie Snow White. When she turned in to an old hag and tried to give Snow White the apple.

If you don't know who/what I am talking about. Then go to Disney World for goodness sake. It is the only way that we can be friends. And um.......... communicate.

And it will make you a happier person.

At the least... you can watch the movie. And then you will see my one claim to fame. Where they designed the evil stepmother/old witch hag after me.

And then your life will be complete.

And you will understand me a little better. And know what I look like in person.

Anyway..... my point is this...

This guy had a birthday.....

On December 7th.

And he doesn't look a day older that 26. In fact... he looks the exact same as the day I met him. Except for the missing rat tail. And trench coat. And driving gloves.

He works out. He eats healthy. He takes care of himself.

But ultimately... it is in his genes. His Norwegian genes. You should see his Mom.

I could be her Grandmother.

So, on December 7th....

Squirrels danced. Our plants sang.

And all was right with the world. Because we celebrated the day that Kev was born.

My happiness would not be complete without this wonderful man. My best friend. My partner in crime.

The Beauty to my Beast.

So to celebrate my incredible husband's birthday.... I made a special meal.

And by special... I mean that I pulled out all the stops. Tested my cooking skills. Went to the ends of the Earth.... The Fresh Market.

For those of you who don't know.... The Fresh Market is the ultimate in grocery stores. The classiest place I know. My heart jumps out of my chest when I go in there. The cook in me sings with delight. I smile from ear to ear.

And then my wallet cringes. And sighs.

Which is why I only go there for very special occasions.

I decided to make beef tenderloin. And according to the price tag - this meat was pretty special. So, I bought two filets and not the whole tenderloin. And then I did something that I have never done before...... I seasoned it with bacon fat that I had been saving for weeks. And that means that I have completely crossed over to the dark side. The side that is bacon obsessed. I have wrapped so many appetizers in bacon lately that it has become a weekly item on my grocery list. This coming from a couple who went years without eating bacon.

Good Grief! Enough about bacon already.

I believe that this piece of meat was cooked to perfection. The best I have ever made. You could literally cut it with a fork. And I'm sure a large part of it's deliciousness was due to buying such a good cut of meat.

And now that the vegetarians in my family are thoroughly grossed out.... on to the sides....

I simmered fresh mushrooms in a red wine mixture for most of the day. Like 9 hours. And made green bean bundles. Which is basically green beans wrapped in BACON with a brown sugar "dressing" poured over the top.

Kev chose Funfetti cupcakes as his birthday "cake". Those truly turn out delicious every single time. Especially considering my bad luck in baking cakes lately.

We also celebrated his birthday at my parent's house. Kev's parent's house. And Kev's parents took him to lunch on the actual day.

A great birthday celebration for a great guy..... Happy Birthday Kev!

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