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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Melissa's Housewarming / My Only Christmas Party

My good friend Melissa bought a house! Her first house. And she did it all on her own. Because she is cool like that.

Girl power!

And I helped throw a Housewarming party for her.

Don't you just love the front porch! Her house is adorable. And so cute. And awesome. And perfect!!

And I'm so happy for her!

Unfortunately, I missed taking pics of the interior. Because I was so focused on the food. I made a new recipe of cheese stuffed jalapeno peppers wrapped in bacon. And my belly is dreaming of them as I write this. However, due to the "jalapeno pepper arm burning incident of June 2009", Kev made me wear protective goggles and special gloves.

And he swears that I looked really cute.

I also did "Aunt Kay's" tomato basil sandwiches and spinach dip.

Christen and her mom, Faye, did ALL KINDS of other delicious delights.

Including all of the desserts.....

And an amazingly delicious peppermint cake. YUM!

On a side note, I must tell you that my FAVORITE cookie of all time is a wedding cookie. I am not joking around here. I LOVE them. And I have spent the last three years making them for Christmas. And thought they were pretty good. UNTIL... I ate Faye's wedding cookies. And then I passed out and kicked my legs up in the air which may or may not have ripped my jeans.

They were JUST. THAT. GOOD!!

So, Faye gave me her special secret. And then packed some in a ziploc bag for Kev. Because you know that even though he was invited... he didn't go. He had to wash his hair.

I took them home to Kev.

He will never be the same. They were so melt-in-your-mouth delicious that he called them "donuts". And refused to let them out of his sight.

And calls out for them in his sleep.

I knew that I had a challenge on my hands. ( Story to come later.)

But seriously.... I had so much fun at this party!! Melissa's house is amazing! She had such a good turn out. And received many incredible gifts.

And it was the closest thing I've seen in years to a Christmas party!

Not to mention that I got to catch up with old friends. And the old crew from LOFT was able to reconnect......

From left.... Shirley, Chelsea, ME, Julianne, Melissa ( the proud home owner), and Christen.

Congrats Melissa on your new home!!


  1. How fun! Aunt Kay made me some tomato basil sandwiches the other day...yum!

  2. once again you are the giant in the family photo pic....what is up with that!!!!