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Friday, December 18, 2009

A Not-So-Scary Halloween

Considering that we only removed the "hay bale/pumpkin display" off of our porch just two weeks ago.... I feel that it is still appropriate for me to be talking about Fall adventures.

And also to wrap up our October Disney trip.

You remember.... the trip where we celebrated my Mom's birthday. Where I ate lots of food from different countries. When I took Mason on Star Wars. It is basically all I have written about in two months.

But I saved the best for last......

The "Not So Scary Halloween Party". A true highlight of the year!

I have become such a fan of Halloween now that I live in a neighborhood. ( If you can call it that) And for the past couple of years I have gone all out for the kiddos. I decorate the front of the house, spray Fall smelling Febreze, light a candle... and then eagerly await the trick-or-treaters.

Not to mention the Halloween party I throw for Kev. It is usually an unnecessary amount of appetizer food all with a spooky theme. Hot wings are "bat wings".... Meatballs are "eyeballs"... Cheese dip is "witches brew"... or something like that. You get the idea.

And we have a pumpkin carving contest. I usually win for cutest pumpkin and Kev usually wins for scariest.

It is just the way we do things around here.

Except for this year.

We (my family) decided to actually be in the Magic Kingdom on Halloween. To experience the party at it's finest.

And it did not disappoint!

Tinkerbell (Mom) and Peter pan (Austin)....

Jack Skellington (Michael)

Mickey (Shannon) and Minnie (me)
(I'm not sure why I thought I was a matador. I am posing this way with my dress in EVERY. SINGLE. PICTURE)

Peter with Captain Hook

Alice (Bethany) with Tweedle Dee (Ashlynn) and Tweedle Dum (Sam)

And the hit of the night.....
Gepetto (Dad) and Pinocchio (Mason)

Going to the Magic Kingdom just to see the costumes is totally worth it. People go all out - even more so on Halloween - and it is amazing to see what they come up with. ( At one point, I thought I must be in a dream sequence with all of the Captain Jack Sparrows walking around.)
But then add in an incredible Halloween parade, fireworks, shows, and candy... and you have got yourself an amazing experience!
It is also incredibly fun to get to ride Splash Mountain. Over and over and over. Without having to get off the ride. Because we were the only ones who didn't seem to mind getting their costumes wet.
Except for Mason (Pinocchio) who had to wear a poncho because he "can't get wet because he is famous". And he was right. My Dad and Mason posed for more pictures than you could ever imagine. It was like they had their own paparazzi following them around.
As for Kev..... he stayed home to "man the Halloween experience". And he did this by dressing up as a recluse, turning off all the lights, and hiding in the den while he watched Halloween.
Basically what he does every Saturday night.

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