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Saturday, December 19, 2009


Check out this gorgeous turkey......

Have you ever seen such a sight?

This is the turkey that welcomed us to our first Thanksgiving meal on .... Thanksgiving Day, of course.

Thanksgiving. Probably one of my favorites. When it comes to holidays. It may or may not be because there is lots of food involved. And also because of the color brown. That color looks good on me. Or so I'm told. And for some reason I associate brown with Thanksgiving. And strongly brewed tea. And pudding.

Oh. And also because Kev told me once that his favorite color was brown because he liked brown pants.

Even though he doesn't own a pair.

At this point, I'm not sure if I am writing about the color brown or Turkey Day.

Thanks for sticking with me any way. And reading this.

Assuming that you still are....


Kev's cousin's wife, Krystal, did almost the entire meal by herself. Including the turkey. Her very first one. And it looked amazing. Tasted amazing. Smelled amazing.

It even had caramelized pecans on the top.

It should have been in a magazine. It should have been famous. It should have followed me home.

It was gorgeous. And delicious.

And it was almost too fancy for me to eat. I'm part red neck ... you know.

I'm too afraid to cook a turkey. And she deserved some "mad props" for pulling it off. Successfully.

(I can't believe I just said "mad props" - It is just wrong coming out of some one's thoughts when they are pushing 40)

Anyway.... our holidays are always jam packed. Busy. Crazy. And busy.

Add in the fact that I work in retail. And you've got a schedule that gives you reflux.

Or maybe that was just the ridiculous amount of caffeine that I had to get me through the week.

Regardless. It all starts on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving....

It is a tradition that Bethany, Michael, and Ashlynn all come over to spend the night. To help me cook. Or something like that.

And we stay up all night making casseroles. And cakes. And obnoxiousness.

It is just the right thing to do.

And I will make them keep this tradition until they are 100 years old. Spouses, kids, and what- not are all invited.

As long as they help with the dishes.

So, fast forward to Thanksgiving day....

It starts early.

It involves the "must do" tradition of watching the Macy's parade. ( I went to the Macy's in New York once. And I stood in front of the store. Right where the parade passes by. And it made me all tingly inside.)

( I also happened to be stranded in New York during a snow storm. With clogs on and thin socks. Snow was up to my ankles. So, the tingly feeling may have been frostbite)

( But does it really matter?)

I finish cooking. I watch the parade. I wake every one else up around noon.

We head out to our first meal.

The Snyder Thanksgiving.

This year it was held at Krystal and Josh's new home.

And Krystal did such an incredible job!

And Michael and Ashlynn pretty much sat by themselves. Quietly. And scarfed down some food.

Next up... The Switzer Thanksgiving.

And yes, it was just 1 hour and a half later.

It required me opening my second stomach. The one that I reserve for Thanksgiving and Saturdays. When I seem to eat the most.

The Switzer Thanksgiving is a little more formal. We are even allowed to use the good china....

And eat indoors.

Glad I finally was promoted to the adult table because the kid's table didn't look like much fun....

Maybe it was the Indian sitting at the table that was making Mason nervous.

Or maybe it was the ridiculousness that was going on at the adult table that made the kids embarrassed to be a part of the family. I cannot even begin to explain the expressions/faces/mannerisms going on in the following pictures....

We followed up dinner with Pictionary. Just me, Bethany, Mom and Dad. The rest of my family had other Thanksgivings to attend. And as for Kev..... you must be crazy if you think he would play games with us.
It would hurt his reputation.
And now on to Thankfulness.....
This year was an interesting and different year. I have taken many many things for granted for a long time. Like health. Having a job. Having a family. Having a home.
Let's just say that I experienced some things this year that really opened my eyes. Opened my heart. And made me so very very thankful for what I have been given.
Life is short folks. Cherish every moment. Make sure your loved ones know they are loved. And don't forget to laugh.
It is truly the best medicine.
And on a lighter note......
Meet my families' two new additions.... acquired Thanksgiving week...
Princess (my parent's new puppy)....
And Kia-RA! (Bethany's new puppy)....

They are the cutest fluff balls you will ever meet.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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