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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Day!! Happy 2010!

I have finally caught up enough on my posts from December that I can start telling you all about 2010. FINALLY!

How can I ever start living in the moment.... when I'm always living in the past. Sounds like I should add that to my resolution list.

It will have to go on page 21. That is the only page that still has a little room on it for resolutions.

I know some of you are probably not fans of resolutions. Because why do you need a New Year to start off doing things right. Doing things good for yourself. Living the best life you can.

I'm here to tell you that when it comes to resolutions.... It is just the way that I roll.

I LOVE New Years. I love the chance to start over. When you have the whole year in front of you to do with whatever you would like.

And then a couple of weeks in to January... I forget that I ever felt that way. I use my resolution notebook as a place to write grocery lists. A place to doodle. A place to sign my married name - over and over and over - just like I did before I was married. Because I still think it is cool. A place to draw stick figures of my family saying funny things and exaggerating their features.

And then I get back in to the rut called LIFE. And I eat two pounds of cheese. Use my treadmill as a coat closet. Never learn to use my sewing machine. And don't shower on my days off.


Except for the small fact that I am still writing my resolutions. And it is January 15th. ( And yes I pre-dated this post to look like I posted it on New Year's Day - I'm scandalous that way)

Seriously, though. I've got BIG plans for this year! Big, HUGE, plans. And I am not referring to the size my bum is going to grow. Because it would be impossible for it to get any bigger at this point.

But before I start to tell you my resolutions... and plans. I still have a little catching up to do....

And it all starts with NEW YEAR'S DAY.

Kev and I started a tradition of a Mexican Fiesta on New Year's Day. Last year. 2009. It hasn't being going on very long - but it is our tradition. And that is that.

And here are the reasons:

1. At this point in the holidays... every one (me and Kev) are so tired of casseroles. And heavy holiday food. However, I do want to point out that we are NOT tired of cheese. It is impossible to be tired of cheese. And it makes a little (HUGE) appearance in the Mexican meal.

2. I live in Gaston. The BEST place to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Or any Friday.. for that matter. It is a non stop fireworks, pinata, and margarita extravaganza out here. And it is important to me to fit in.

3. When you love cheese... the best meal you can prepare is Mexican food. Because ultimately regardless of what you order at a Mexican restaurant... it all comes out looking the same. A pile of food smothered in cheese.

4. Every one needs a little fiber in their diet.

We invited the fam for lunch. The kids... Mike, Ash, Austin, and Mason... were already at our house. Elijah was able to score some tickets to the bowl game in Alabama and was out of town. Mom, Dad, and Bethany were at Disney. The military folks were in their current stations. So, our visitors for our Fiesta consisted of Shannon and Randy and Kristen and JC.

(And once again, I have NO pictures!! I don't know how I will ever prove to Kev how fabulous a fancy camera would be... if I cannot seem to document the important times of our lives.)

But our meal consisted of.... cheese enchiladas, chalupas, home made refried beans, mexican rice, guacamole, home made salsa, and nachos. And I grated 48 ounces of cheese for this meal. 48 OUNCES. That is a lot of pounds and tupperware containers. It was ridiculous!

I also... to carry on tradition... made a black eyed pea dip. It is important to eat these peas on New Year's Day for good luck. I made the Paula Deen... Southern caviar dip. But put a habanero pepper in it. By accident? And it made it a little too hot for our guests.

That just means more good luck for me. I suppose.

I skipped the dessert because...

1. Shannon and Randy and kids had another meal to go to that evening.

2. I knew every one would be too full to eat it.

3. My track record with making cakes has pretty much sucked lately. And I wanted to start the New Year right.

4. I ran out of time.

Our dinner was short and sweet. It was a pretty busy day for every one. Except for me. Because I was actually FINALLY getting some time off of work. Which meant lots of relaxing and sleep.

But before I wrap up this post.... I wanted to share a really cool gift that we received this Christmas.....

They are tv trays! And Kev's mother Mary MADE them for us! I think they are too cool and perfect for us and our "eating while watching tv" habits. Plus they go great in our Gamecock room.... even if some days I'm embarrassed that we have one. ie; BOWL GAME.

But remember.... 2010 is a NEW year. For exciting NEW things. And hopefully better football playing.

And now I've just got to figure out what to do with all of the cheese I still have......

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