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Friday, August 7, 2009

Some Random Restaurant Reviews


Are you starting to think that is all I ever talk about?

Because it is. When Kev says "I love you". I say "Let's eat". When a client says "Can you get me another size?". I say "I love food and I'm going to go eat some". When a feral cat "meows" at me. I respond by saying " You would probably taste good on a skewer with some rice".


Please don't notify the authorities or have me committed just yet.... I'm wrapped up in this season of Design Star and want to see who wins.

Not to mention that I have some new recipes to try.

So, anyway.... I thought I would review some restaurants that I have gotten "to go" from recently. And I can only review the "to go" aspect because my sloppy eating manners require eating in privacy.

With a bib on.

First up is the......Red Bowl Asian Bistro.

It is located at the Sandhills Village. And- most recently- on my list of favorite places to eat.

About a month ago, I told you about P.F. Changs and how much we loved this place... yadda... yadda.. blah... but we didn't have one locally.... blah blah ... food always luke warm once I got home. Well, the problem has been solved.... because the Red Bowl Asian Bistro has taken over the top spot for Asian food in my mind. And my belly.

I love the word "belly".

Shrimp fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, eggrolls........ bigger portions. Half the price. And DEEE-LISH-USSSSSSS!

I mean folks.... the shrimp was so big that it poured me a glass of tea and opened my fortune cookie for me. Which by the way... told me that I would receive many riches. So, I ordered some furniture from Pottery Barn which should arrive next week.

Hopefully, the riches will too.

I am demanding that if you are in the Sandhills area.... you MUST go here for lunch. Or dinner. Or for that time between lunch and dinner when you are so hungry.

Melissa.... That goes for YOU too!

Next up is..... The Carolina Cafe.

Why am I just finding out about this delightful place?? Oh... maybe because I don't get out much, am afraid of college students, and definitely do not go down town unless I'm in the mood to get stuck in traffic and confused about one-way streets.

The only thing that I have had from this place is the most delectable garden vegetable cream cheese that has ever touched my lips. On a multigrain bagel. This treat was brought to me by Emily who proceeded to tell me the menu by memory and twist my arm backwards until I promised to drive down town and eat there.

So, I did the next best thing.... I went on line and looked it up. It is almost the same thing as actually being there in person. And wouldn't you know that this place just jumped a couple of notches on my "favorites" list because they post their recipes!!

They post different ones each week. I'm patiently waiting for their chicken salad one... I hear it is a winner.

But back to the garden vegetable cream cheese......

This was my attempt to recreate the delight for Kev. And let's just say that he was thrilled and almost brought to tears over the deliciousness of this cheese.

Or maybe he had an eyelash in his eye. I never know with him.

Let me explain the situation and picture:

First of all... Kev and cream cheese are not friendly with each other. They called each other names on the playground for years. So, me blindfolding him and cramming the cream cheese in his mouth was the only way I could get him to taste it.

Second of all..... I realize that the cream cheese does not look nearly as fun to eat on a piece of regular old bread. But I was making cucumber sandwiches. Because I am the proud owner of 15 pounds of cucumber right now and it was the right thing to do.

Third of all..... please don't be jealous of my "high society" dinnerware. Just because we are friends... and only because we are friends... I will share with you the store where I got this gorgeous piece of china.

Wal-mart. $3.99 for 250 plates. A deal that would drive my neighbors to tears.

Please give these places a try. And if you don't like them... then that is your fault. And I don't want to hear about it.

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