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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Recipes From P.W.

P.W. aka Pioneer Woman. The woman that I stalk daily. For her amazing photography, recipes, humor, and stories. I just love her. And I know what you are thinking.....

"If you love her so much... then why don't you marry her?"

I tried. I had everything all worked out. I would go to Oklahoma. Marry her. And Kev would be our horticulturist. Which means he would take care of all our plants.

And we would be so happy.

Except for that she threatened to file a restraining order against me. And told me to please stay away.

And so I have to admire her from afar.

And cook her recipes daily.

Here is what I have made so far this week.......

The Best Lasagna Ever.

The secret ingredient is hot breakfast sausage. Hot... as in SPICY. Which is my middle name. Spicy. Not hot. Am I confusing you? Because I am confusing myself.
The only thing that I would do differently is add another layer of noodles. Just because I have an issue with large amounts of meat...... translation.... I get the meat sweats something awful. And I hate getting "the sweats" after I have already taken a shower for the day. It ruins my good mood. And gives me that "not so fresh" feeling.
Next up is....
Let me give you some background on meatballs. My family does not eat them. And by "family" I mean me and Kev. Kev has always had a hatred towards meatballs due to their size vs. his small facial features. And he may or may not have gotten in to an altercation with some meatballs when he was a kid. On a school bus.
Due to this horrific memory... I have never made them. Until now. And. I. Love. These. Meatballs. More. Than. Febreze.
Which is a very serious statement for me.
They almost taste like Paula Deen's BBQ meatloaf. But in smaller bites. I served them on top of creamy mashed potatoes. Which are regular russet potatoes cooked and mashed with half and half, butter, and cream cheese.
Yes, cream cheese. It made them so creamy and fluffy that it reminded me of the time that I bit in to a cloud. When I was hang gliding off the coast of Mexico.
I love to hang glide, eat clouds, and make meatballs. And take pictures of frogs.
But that is a story for another time.
Last but not least...

They are so scrumptious and yummy. And perfect. And they make me feel warm and cozy and happy inside.
The secret ingredient is cake flour. Which I have never purchased before. It did almost taste like each pancake was a little sweet cake. A little sweet cake begging for syrup.
And yes. I did take the time to stack the pancakes in to a tower for the picture. Because I'm creative like that. And trying to impress you with my photography skills. Even if every single picture I take is blurry.
Well, that about sums up my cooking adventures for this week. If you are interested in checking out these recipes.... please visit The Pioneer Woman site. Found on the right hand side of my blog.
You will not be disappointed.

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