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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mama, What's For Dinner?


I pre-planned this story to post during my trip to New York just to tide you over. Until I can get home and begin to re-live my traveling drama for you. Minute by minute.

Just call it an early Christmas gift. Because I'm thoughtful like that.

And as far as the title goes.... it really doesn't make any sense. Because #1 I'm not a "mama". And I do not require Kev to call me "mama". Because that would be really weird. And gross.
#2 I'm basically writing this post about what interesting things I made for dinner this past week and that is the first title that popped in to my head. So, I typed it in and then became too exhausted to try and change it.

You are just going to have to deal with it.

And as far as me writing ANOTHER post about food.... it is one of my hobbies. My obsessions. My reason to live.

It is also my middle name.

At least that is what it says on this home made birth certificate that I just crafted out of glitter and crayons.

My point is that I will probably be posting about the food we eat every week. It is me paying my debt to society. And hopefully giving you some yummy dinner ideas.

So.... long story short....

Our highlights of the week were....

Cherry Limeade. Yes, I got the recipe from Sonic. And yes, I just had my very first cherry limeade EVER. I ordered it in attempts to be accepted in the "cool kids" group. And lucky for me... I was delighted. And determined to learn how to make it so I could have one whenever I wanted. It is super easy and worth the trouble it took me to find cherry syrup.

Salsa. Home made salsa. Just like the kind they serve in Mexican restaurants. Or Chilis. I got the recipe off of You literally just dump a whole bunch of yummy ingredients in to a food processor and pulse away. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture because it was eaten so fast. But trust me... it was soooo delicious. I will only eat salsa this way from now on. So, keep that in mind if you are inviting me over.

And last but not least ( it was a busy week folks... not a lot of time for cooking), I made pulled BBQ chicken. In the crockpot. It was literally the easiest thing I have ever made.....

And home made french fries. Or "home fries" as I like to say. Because I'm hip and desperate for attention.

I unintentionally made enough to last Kev until my return. And maybe a couple of days after. But I do that with most meals that I cook. So, it was no surprise.

And now I have a quick story to tell you about Froggles. But please do NOT think that I am associating him with food. Because I think that Froglegs are the grossest thing.

Unless they are smothered in cheese.

Regardless, Kev discovered his home. He lives in a deep hole behind this white post. He gets in and out of the hole by climbing the brick wall. Spiderman like. And it is pretty darn cool and mesmerizes us for hours. Every day.
He is the best pet we have ever had.

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  1. I would love it if you shared the BBQ crockpot recipe with me. Clay would lllloooooovvvvveeee that! Can't wait to hear about your trip to NY.