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Friday, August 28, 2009

An Apology

Ok. So, I go to New York. Promise a detailed story. And then don't deliver. Let's just say that I have been very preoccupied.

And by preoccupied...... I mean ridiculously busy, scatterbrained, and stressed. All because of work.

I also have so much to tell besides my trip to New York. Such as "my favorites", a graduation, birthdays, and a story about a group of pirates that I happen to be related to.

Luckily, I met an old friend of mine last night. His name was sleep. Sleep and I got along just fine and hope to hang out together more regularly.

Because of my new friend sleep, some cubes of cheese, and a cherry limeade.... I should be back on track by tomorrow with tales of my adventures.

So, to the three people who read this blog..... thanks for not egging my house

Coming soon..... New York City!

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