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Monday, July 13, 2009

Thirty-Nine Years

I'm going to take a guess and tell YOU what I bet YOU thought this post was about.

My age.


You laughed out loud because you thought I was about to lie about my age. Because I look so much older. Than 39.

And you were probably thinking that Kev looks old enough to be my son. And you were about to ask me if "my son" was going to help me out with my groceries.

And I was going to give you the stink eye. Forbid myself to ever shop in your grocery store again. And promise to stop laying out in the sun, stop drinking so much caffeine, and to sleep every now and then.

But then again. I'm just assuming. And every one knows what assuming does to you.

And I would hate for that to happen.

So, now I will tell you what "39 years" represents.

This couple's marriage.....


I haven't even been alive that long. Almost.

What an amazing feat. What a incredible accomplishment.

What a reason to celebrate!

And so they did. At the Polynesian Resort in DisneyWorld.

Now if you just fell out of your chair in absolute shock that my parents would go on a trip to Disney.....

Then you #1. Have something wrong with you. #2. Have not been paying any attention to this blog. #3. Probably need to get a "life alert" bracelet. Just in case.

Of course they went to Disney. Because that is where all celebrations must be held. If you want to have any fun.

The Polynesian is their favorite place. Of all time.

It reminds them of Hawaii, pineapples, and sneaking in to other people's pools and swimming where they don't belong.

They do things like that. For thrills.

First, they arrived... and got leid.....

Sorry. It was necessary for me to say that. It is expected of me.

They took the ceremonial hotel bed pose....

If I've only said it once... then I haven't said it enough. Hotel bed poses are a MUST in our family. We want to show the world where we slept on our trip and how many germs we rubbed on our bodies from the comforters.
Curly snack anyone?
Next up was their romantic anniversary dinner. A luau.
Dressing up like tropical flowers is encouraged.

They were even given a special moment to dance. In front of everyone. As they were applauded for their longevity. In marriage. Not on the dance floor.

And they had an amazing time.
A well deserved, incredible, amazing time.
Thirty-nine years is so hard to fathom. I am only on year 14. In 25 years I will be 101 and Kev will just be turning 50. I'm strictly giving our ages based on looks and total body health. And taking in to account that I seem to age like a dog.
Regardless, I hope to be dressing like flowers, dancing, and posing on beds. Even though it will be in the privacy of our home.
Because that is how we roll.
This loving couple is my Mom and Dad....
And we love them very much.
Congrats on your 39th year. Happy Anniversary!

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  1. Dear Kim: That was the sweetest blog entry ever!! Thank you so much for the congrats on our 39th, and thanks for the being the reason that we became parents!! We love you so much and our so proud of you!! Keep up the good work and keep blogging - it is pure entertainment!! Love, mom