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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Easily Entertained


It comes cheap for my family.

It doesn't take much to get our attention. Make us laugh. And make us blow milk out of our noses.

Because we are laughing so hard.

Except for I don't drink milk very often. Which is why my bones are so brittle.

I have, however, spit my drink across the room upon laughing. But that may or may not have been because I was trying to see how far I could spit. And not because I couldn't contain my laughter.


My childhood was full of imagination. Full of taking something simple and creating hours of entertainment.

We all (siblings) have taken this imaginative quality and carried it on in to our adulthood. Which ensures the children of our family have the entertaining trait.

Kev has it too. Whether he admits it or not.

And that brings me to the point. The point of this post that explains what so easily entertained us. For hours.


You know the irresistible little random designs that you can stick where ever you feel like it.

Like on Kev's workout equipment. Or his car. Or his bathroom mirror.

Kev hates stickers.

I love them. And am amazed at how one little sticker can make a child's day. A smiley face, a star, a unicorn, or a stamp. Yes, stamps. They are adult stickers. And I smile every time I stick one on an envelope.

I used to have a sticker book. A book where I could collect all kinds of stickers and keep them in one place. To show off to anyone who would listen. Even if they wouldn't listen........ I would just run after them and force them to look at my book. Until they pinched me and told me to leave them alone.

I have been pinched multiple times. It is not so bad.

So, stickers were brought to the beach house. And yes. I am still telling stories from the beach house. And I will probably be telling them until I turn 80. Because there is so much to tell.

The stickers were brought for the Settles' skit. Remember this....

They used them to make "chin faces". And then sang a song.

Cute idea.

Then skit night ended. But we had not seen the last of the stickers.

Because they showed up here.....

And here....

And we laughed and laughed. And high-fived each other. Just for kicks.
Until they showed up here.....

And everyone had to go in to a "time-out" until the chaos could be brought to order. Even though it was my Dad who had gotten out of control.
And technically he is the man in charge.
Except for that he acts just like one of the kids.
And now you know why I don't act my age.
Isn't there a saying that goes... "You are only as young as you act"?
Or maybe it is something about how you feel. Which doesn't work in my favor. So, let's speak of it no more.
And that about wraps up this post. Except for this important message....
Stickers. An endless form of entertainment. Go buy some. It will brighten your day.
But don't take them to a Switzer family gathering if you are offended by inappropriate behavior.

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