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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Adventures in Eating

I love to cook. Kev loves to grill. We love to eat. And so I decided to give you a summary of our meals for the week.

Just for the heck of it.

And to answer any questions you may have. About what we ate this week. Because I'm sure it is the first thing that you think of when you wake up in the morning.

At least it is what I think of.

What I ate, what I am going to eat, and why do I have to shower everyday? It is a waste of my time by the way. Showering.... not eating. And sometimes I just wish it was the future and someone had invented a shower that did not involve water and could be done in the car on your way to work. It would really help me to manage my morning a little better.

And my car would always smell good.

But this post is about food.... and not how clean I am or should be.... so, here are some of our meals for the week....

Kev has grilled just about every weekend this summer. And I seriously look forward to it ALL week. He has become quite the grill master and is willing to try anything. Well.... I take that back... not necessarily anything because he was not thrilled with the idea of grilling grapes, slices of cheese, or chocolate pudding. Even though I asked him nicely. He's stubborn like that. And cautious. And responsible.

Every thing that I am not.

Anyway, this week he grilled a delicious New York strip steak along with some red and yellow peppers.

I was responsible for the sides... which involved crushed red pepper and fried onions. Those two spices/garnishes will make any meal "fancy" and will "wow" your neighbors. Except for ... now that I think about it.... the fact that I wear shoes and a shirt in to Walmart "wows" my neighbors. It is just how it is around here.

You get used to it.

Unfortunately, I FORGOT to take a picture of the pork skewers and grilled pineapple salsa that Kev made the day before. Apparently my hunger got the best of me that day. But let me tell you.... it was good. Very good in fact. And something we had never had before.

It enriched our lives.

I also tried a couple of new "country" recipes. I made a honey jack cornbread recipe from the current "Taste of the South" magazine. I threw in some sliced jalapeno peppers. Because everybody knows that hot peppers ensure a great evening. And they did not disappoint. I also made a healthier version of fried okra. I got the recipe from Kelly at "Kelly's Korner" blog. Yum Yum. Throw in a pork chop and cheddar-jack mac n cheese... and you have a winning "country" meal...(minus the banjo... plus the sound of the "forever starved for attention" rooster)
And just to shake things up a bit we had breakfast for dinner. It is definitely one of my favorite things to do. I grew up having breakfast for dinner... as a special treat. I like it for two reasons.... you get to actually savor it because you are not having to rush off to work or school or church... and it makes you feel naughty.
Well, at least it makes ME feel that way. But most things do because I'm always up to something.
I took a picture of our breakfast delight. I posted a picture of our breakfast delight. And then I promptly deleted it. Because my food picture taking skills are not so great and that one was particularly disgusting.
I didn't want to leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.

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