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Friday, July 3, 2009

Taking A Break For BBQ- My Favorite Thing!

What are you taking a break from?

Well, I'm glad you asked! I'm taking a break from writing about my beach vacation. Just a short little break to bring to you my experiences from the 4th of July weekend.

See, I was lucky enough to get a couple of days off. A couple of days of much needed relaxation, delicious food eating, swimming, and celebrating.

Now I know what you are thinking. Didn't I JUST go on vacation?

Why, yes I did. But sometimes you need a vacation from a vacation. I did not plan for this and jumped right back in to work. In to chaos, major changes, dust bunnies, dog and pony shows, and in case I haven't mentioned it.... chaos. Add all of these things to the summer scarf, the boyfriend jean, and antique jewelry.... and that about sums up the last two weeks.

Speaking of the summer scarf. It has become my new addiction. Except for in the extreme heat of Columbia... it is more of a summer sweat rag. I may be in a constant state of moist... but I sure look fashionable!

I'm just sayin'.

That is probably not the most appetizing thing to talk about on a post that is supposed to be dedicated to BBQ.

And speaking of BBQ.......

Let me tell you about the delicious meal we just had.

The main dish was from this place.......

Hudson's Smokehouse BBQ. In Lexington. And in Heaven .... I hope. This is my favorite place to go for BBQ. Hands down.

As you know... I love to cook. But there are some things that I have to leave to the pros. And this is one of them. I was planning my extensive menu for the 4th of July. And suddenly had a craving for Brisket. Since I was heading in to Lexington to get groceries... I decided to stop by this delightful place and pick up dinner for 4th of July Eve.

And yes... when you live in the country you have to "head in to" places like Lexington. Don't feel sorry for me. It fulfills my childhood desire to be Laura Ingalls Wilder. That and using the bathroom outside.

So, we usually get the BBQ plate which consists of a choice of meat and three sides. And these just aren't any ole sides. They are the sides that I dream of. The sides that we take family portraits with. And celebrate their birthdays. The sides are out of this world. I could eat their sides for the rest of my life. Broccoli casserole, squash casserole, green beans, sweet potato fries, mac n cheese.... and my all time favorite.... FRIED OKRA.

Fried okra is another one of those things that is better left to the pros. #1 Because I don't fry stuff. It is messy, hot, and fattening. #2 It stresses me out to pour a lot of oil in to a pan. It is so wasteful. And greasy. #3 I don't really have another reason. But I just LOVE my fried okra. I love it SO much that I participated in the Okra Festival Parade for four years in a row. I decorated my car. I waved to people. I ate okra with my hands tied behind my back. I exchanged marriage vows. With okra.

Now in case you are wondering.... Kev and okra have only just met. They have not shared a life long passionate affair with each other as I have. In fact.. there are several things that Kev had never had in his life before he met me. Like guacamole, mayonnaise, sour cream, salmon, applesauce and cottage cheese mixed and milk in a plastic cup. Oh and a messy, unorganized closet. But that is another story.

He thanks me for every delightful thing I introduce to him. Or at least he wants to but sometimes forgets.

Regardless. I am really just trying to make the point that the fried okra at Hudson's is out of this world. So, I bought a pound of chopped BBQ brisket and a quart of fried okra. I kept it simple this time because #1 We were making a TON of food for the 4th #2 We were making more food than you could ever imagine for the 4th.

I'm trying to get my point across. There was going to be a lot of food to eat this weekend.

Anyway, I picked up some fresh baked hamburger buns from Publix as well as chipotle sweet potato fries (in frozen section of Publix). And can I please just share with you that we just had the most delightful meal - EVER! Well, that may be a little dramatic because we have had some pretty good meals. But let's just say that it goes in my top 20 favorite meals of all time.

The brisket was juicy, perfectly seasoned, incredible. INCREDIBLE!! Add it to a soft, fresh baked bun and you have a cloud of goodness. I hid some in my pillow case for later.

Then we have the chipotle fries. Now we love us some sweet potato fries but these were HANDS DOWN the best! Excellent seasoning. Just enough spice to make them fun to eat. No need for ketchup.

AND last but not least.... THE OKRA! Yum Yum! We dipped it in Ranch. Just to make sure we were getting enough calories in our meal. To survive a long winter.

What a great start to the holiday weekend.

If you are ever in Lexington and have a hankering for BBQ. Please check this place out. You will not be disappointed!! It is truly one of our FAVORITE THINGS.

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