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Friday, December 16, 2011


The decorating is done... with only a few casualties....

The gift buying/wrapping is done.

The packages have been mailed.

And the menus have been planned ( along with grocery lists) for the next two weeks.

It feels amazing!

Except for now I've got to clean my house.  ( cue ominous music!)

I have no idea why this year has been so hard for me to get it together.

And I have no idea why I looked so frazzled and googly-eyed last night when Kev got home from work.

Kind of like a Christmas zombie.

( We have a slight addiction to The Walking Dead)

Regardless, I am ready to celebrate and enjoy and ring in the new year.

That is... after my coffee gets in my system.

And speaking of celebrating and enjoying... I still have Kev's birthday dinner to tell you about!

Remember that?  Back on December 7th?

Well, last year we went French.  And I did a multi course, fancy, sit down meal.

So, this year we ( I) decided to go a little more casual and we kept it just the two of us - even though I made enough food for 70.

Kev's birthday request was an Asian inspired meal.  I researched and researched and came up with a list longer than Santa's of things that I wanted to make.

I then I had a little talk with myself and narrowed it down to this:

Everything turned out delicious!  But the wontons ended up being my favorite part.  And that was what Kev actually made.

Or at least, that was what he cooked.  I made the mix and put them all together.  But it just so happens that I have a fear of frying.  I can't stand a bowl of hot oil.  I can't stand how it makes my skin and clothes smell.  I can't stand how the oil gets too hot and burns every thing.

So, Kev bought a thermometer and took charge of the situation.
And they turned out amazing.  Shrimp wontons with hot mustard sauce!  I didn't get a picture of the final product - so you will just have to trust me on this one.

But we are already planning several wonton inspired creations to make on New Year's Eve!

We are such party animals!

The lettuce wraps....

And then for the main courses..

Bourbon chicken. 
This was my first time making or eating Bourbon Chicken.  But I knew it would be a winner because it called for crushed red pepper. 

Except that I mistakenly unscrewed the lid instead of just popping the top and a quick shake in to the sauce turned in to a downpour.

Our sinuses were cleared for days.

And I even scooped a ton of it out.
I mixed the bourbon chicken with shrimp fried rice that I purchased at Miyo's. 

My rice NEVER turns out as good as the restaurants - so I decided to just buy it and make the stuff to go with it.

Mandarin orange chicken plus pineapple cashew rice...
Incredible!  I loved the sweetness and the cashews!!

We have never eaten cashews in savory foods ... and I believe that it has become a new favorite of ours.

My plate... ( minus the million wontons that I ate right off of the serving dish!)

(Wow - the food really has no color.  It looks like a whole lot of neutral with a side of lettuce!)

And then the birthday boy opened his fortune cookie:

First of all, I have never seen a fortune like this... and I think it is hilarious.

Second of all, I have never seen someone move so fast to get their swimsuit on and start mapping the best route to the beach!

It was such a great birthday meal!  And I think Kev had a pretty good birthday. 

And we ate this meal for the next five days.

The End.

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  1. Please come and visit us! :)
    I must have the recipes....Please share (especially the lettuce wraps)
    Happy Birthday Kevin!