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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Count Down

I am in the zone.

The zone of getting things done. 

I have a to do list that is broken down by day... for the next four days.... to ensure that Christmas goes off without a hitch.

I'm feeling good about it.

Especially because I am listening to this.....

I splurged last night and bought it.  Not that a cd is necessarily a splurge for most people - but when you have a husband that runs a business like mine does... there is no need to pay full price for something like that.

I am making Kev sound so mysterious.

I have been wanting a new Christmas cd for a while... and after seeing Michael on SNL, I knew that I had to have his.

It is more soothing than upbeat - which is normally not my style - but it forces me reminds me to chill out and enjoy the holidays. 

Not to mention that he has a beautiful voice.

In other random news...

I realized that I never completed Kev's birthday week O' food.  And I can only imagine that you have been waiting on the edge of your seat to find out what his picks were for the rest of the week... especially since we ate on the ginormous Asian meal for several days.

Well, he chose Bang Bang Shrimp from Bonefish...

That now comes complete with directions on how to mix it up.

And wings...

From Carolina's. 

He actually was happy with wings from anywhere - but Carolina's just so happens to be on the way home from work.

You can tell by his choices that he was in desperate need for a little bit of unhealthiness in his meals.

I believe that any cravings that we had been having are now taken care of.  In fact, I think we ate a big salad for our next meal.

Or maybe I just dreamed that we did because I was in desperate need of nutrients.

And now that I have that taken care of...  I am off to bake! 

It is time to get some things checked off today's list!

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